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Spider-Man: The actor joins the spin-off Madame Web out of euphoria

The Sydney Swan (Euphoria, White Lotus) will star in one of Marvel’s next films on Madame Web. At the CANNESERIES festival, he entrusted himself with preparing for his first Marvel / Sony blockbuster, the Spider-Man spin-off.

There was Venom, which had just aired on television. There is currently Morbius in the cinema. And the pack hunter is approaching … and lo and behold, Madame Webb, the superhero in Sony’s world associated with Spider-Man! The film has been in the works for several years and is becoming clearer after hiring two of its actors: first Dakota Johnson, confirmed for the lead role, and Sydney Sweeney, who will play a role that is still a mystery.

At the CANNESERIES festival, Sydney Swin agreed to say a few words about the project in preparation for it. He asked varietyThe actor, who was spotted in the TV series Euphoria and The White Lotus, explained that he was immersed in comics that inspired superhero movies. “I ordered a lot of comics“, He explains.”I have a lot to discover. I have always been a big fan of the Marvel and Sony movie world.. “I grew up listening to them and I got into them pretty quickly, so being part of a movie like that is really amazing.”

More broadly, in choosing her roles, Sidney Sweeney explains that she seeks challenges in every sense of the word and tries to do something completely different each time. I want to continue to surprise people with characters that you do not expect. “

We do not know any more about the role of Sydney Swin in the movie Madame Web at the moment, the title role was played by Dakota Johnson.

Who is Madame Webb?

This character, born in November 1980, at number 210 “Amazing Spider-Man”, Exactly responds to Cassandra Webb’s name. This autoimmune neuromuscular disease in myasthenia gravis makes it blind and paralyzed. But she survives thanks to an auxiliary device created by her husband: a series of spider-shaped tubes to which she is connected.

Spider-Man ally and protector

It is from this vital throne that he can help the spider, who becomes his ally and protector thanks to his mental powers: telepathy, clairvoyance, and the ability to predict the future. In particular, he can instill his thoughts in other people’s minds, but he can also see past and present events that he did not necessarily attend.

Madame Webb also appeared in the 90s animated series “Spider-Man”.

SJ Clarkson’s trusted time attached to the fourth film by the Star Trek saga, initiated by Jay Abrams, Madame Webb has no release date yet. As for Venom, the question arises about the existence of a spider man, as Madame Webb is associated with a spider in comics. The film could also become a spider-woman springboard for which Sony also has plans, as Cassandra Webb is none other than Charlotte Witter’s grandmother, the fourth incarnation of the superhero in the comics.

Currently in theaters, Morbius, the latest Marvel / Sony to date:

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