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Blonde: Ana de Armas needed to train Marilyn Monroe accent for nine months

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Ana de Armas reveals that she had a lot of difficulty putting herself in Marilyn Monroe’s shoes for the biopic

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Ana de Armas is about to star in one of the biggest films of her career: the actress will be Marilyn Monroe in the biopic of Andrew Dominik, director and screenwriter of the feature. However, the Cuban revealed that the entire process for the composition of the character was “torturous”.

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In an interview with The Sunday Times, of weapons recounted that his next role proved to be especially difficult due to the new accent he had to master.

I had to spend 9 months training my accent to record dialogue, with phono sessions to practice dialects. It was real torture! It was all very exhausting, it literally ‘fried’ my brain.

The actress also explained that the physical preparation to play the character was “painful and intense”, mainly because I had to wear several different wigs.

“I had to wear a cap every day. After all, the Marilyn went through many different hairstyles, and for several shades of blonde”, commented of weapons. “To put these wigs on, you can’t have anything dark underneath. I spent about 3.5 hours in the hair and makeup chair.”

Furthermore, he noted that there are some strong parallels between his own current career and the path the 1950s Hollywood star had to take. Naomi Watts was originally cast to take on the lead role, but was eventually replaced by Jessica Chastainwhich came out of paper soon after, when of weapons finally got his chance.

Even so, the Cuban revealed that many people involved in the production did not want a Latina to play Monroe, despite the fact that the director had always loved the idea of ​​a Cuban in the role.

I just auditioned for the Marilynit’s the Andrew [Dominik, diretor do longa] said, ‘It’s you’. Even so, I needed to do other tests, for producers and funders. But I knew I could. A Cuban like Marilyn? It’s revolutionary

More about blonde (2022)

Written and directed by Andrew Dominik, blonde adapts the eponymous historical novel by Joyce Carol Oates released in 2000. The work addresses the intimate life of one of Hollywood’s most popular and celebrated actresses: Marilyn Monroealso known as Norma Jean Mortenson.

starring Ana de Armasthe list has Adrien Brody as Arthur Asher Miller, Bobby Cannavale as Joe D., Julianne Nicholson as Gladys and Caspar Phillipson as John F. Kennedy.

The biopic premieres at Netflix on the 23rd of September. Watch the teaser below:

Source: Rollingstone

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