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A more beautiful life in advance: a summary of the Thursday episode of April 7, 2022 [SPOILERS]

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for the episode A more beautiful life Will be broadcast tomorrow evening on France 3!

Frank watches as the Liberators come to the front of the house. He sees Bernard, the facade cladding manager, coming in his truck to do their homework.

Returning home, Frank prepares a bag with a gun. He is interrupted by the visit of Blanche and Noah. The latter decided to support him and believe in Theo’s innocence. Frank insists that Celine’s help is enough. When his ex-wife suspects that he is hiding something from them, he denies it.

Frank then goes to the guest room to warn the dolphin of his plan. He intends to find evidence of Coral murder in Liberat. Meanwhile, he promises his companion that he will keep it.

Frank manages to steal Bernard’s official car to take his place in Liberty. He managed to enter by appearing in one of his colleagues. As he prepares to shoot Paolo Liberty, Frank surprises him and says he has nothing to do with Coral’s murder …

Charlotte betrays Luna’s theft from Luna’s secret shop. The teenager is terribly angry at his stepmother for telling his grandmother.

In Scotto, Dimitri Pablo gives advice on making friends. At home, he pushes him to join a group that plays card games. Pablo knows nothing about it, but Dimitri tells him about the game he played when he was in college. It also gives him a valuable card to make it easier to fit.

Then Dimitri proudly shows Sunale that his method works as Pablo now plays with other students. But the girl is not sure. He wants his brother to be as popular as Dimitri.

After which Pablo Dimitri admits that he promised the players to come with other cards the next day. The two boys find an agreement: Dimitri will give him one of his old cards every time Pablo gives a nice word about him to Sunale.

In Zephyr, Luna promises Sunale that she has never revealed anything about the theft. He does not know how Charlotte heard it. But Sunale does not believe him and no longer wants to talk to him.

Before Gerard and Leticia rediscover their former union, Carmen confides in her new meeting with a fan. She wants to take Gerard to Salsa’s lesson to check her dance level. When Gerard hears, he admits to Laetice that he does not own Salsa at all. Her and suggests calling Carmen to tell the truth.

But Gerard decides to learn Salsa through videos on the internet. As time goes on, it changes strategy. He joins Carmen on a crutch and thinks he was the victim of a car accident. Carmen justifies him and agrees to postpone Salsa’s lesson next time.

Instead they go to the restaurant. After Gerard recounts his entire adventures around the world, Gerard urges Carmen, in turn, to trust her and tell her about her youthful dreams. Carmen feels confident enough about this. She adds that sincerity is very important to her because she will not tolerate living with a man who lies or manipulates her as her ex-husband did.

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