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A film about The Doors with Meg Ryan and Val Kilmer will be shown in Russia for the first time


For the first time, the story of a sex symbol and rebel who turned the notion of rock and roll and became an icon of an entire generation can be seen on the big screen. The movie is based on real events. Starring world-famous Hollywood stars: Val Kilmer (“Top Gun: Maverick”, “Fight”, “Handsome”), Meg Ryan (“Sleepless in Seattle”, “City of Angels”, “When Harry Met Sally”, “You letter”), Golden Globe winner Kyle MacLachlan (“Twin Peaks”, “Sex and the City”, “Blue Velvet”, “The Good Wife”), Frank Whaley (“Quick”, “CSI Crime Scene Investigation”, “House M.D.” ) and many others.

This final restored version was presented at the Cannes Film Festival (Cannes Classic) in 2019. A psychedelic musical portrait of Jim Morrison, “The Lizard King”, expertly composed by Oliver Stone (three-time Oscar winner, director of Alexander, Natural Born Killers, Wall Street, Midnight Express) with 25 songs by The Doors, passed the first 4K restoration using Dolby Atmos technology. The updated version of the film will allow viewers to fully immerse themselves in the frantic energy of the sixties and the myth of the man whose music defined that era.

“The new completely restored 4K version of The Doors with Dolby Atmos technology gives the viewer the opportunity to enjoy greater clarity and depth of image and sound. During numerous concert stages, the sound fills the entire hall space – above the audience, behind it and at all points in between. I wanted so that when watching this film, the effect of presence was as strong as at the concerts of The Doors in the sixties.In addition, I cut out a three-minute scene, which, in my opinion, was unnecessary, and this allowed to make the ending more powerful, “commented Oliver Stone.

Few artists can boast such a controversial history as Jim Morrison, frontman of The Doors. He was a poet and a sensual stage character, literally imbued with a primal and attractive energy, he suffered from addiction and had a weakness for the opposite sex. Therefore, it is not surprising that in 1991 Oliver Stone decided to transfer to the screen the extraordinary life of a man whose music defined an entire era.

Oliver Stone used the music tracks in chronological order, moving from the first album to the last and using the changing mood of Morrison’s songs as a kind of canvas to depict his story.

Source: Hellomagazine

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