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Predator on Disney +: the mystery of Predator 2 in the movie is solved!

“Prey”, available on Disney +, echoes the second part with Danny Glover, which was released in 1990, and solves one of the mysteries of the franchise. Explanations.

In Prey, the new installment of the Predator franchise, a warrior descends from space in the 18th century and encounters the Comanches, the Native American people. Very different from other opuses, this film nevertheless pays homage to the original with several chapters, but also to its sequel.

One detail answers one of Predator 2’s mysteries. To understand, you have to remember the final sequence of the 1990 film: after defeating the Predator, Lt. Mike Harrigan (Danny Glover) faces other warriors, come to retrieve the body. similar to them. As a sign of respect, one of them offers the lieutenant a pistol with the following inscription: “Raphael Adolin 1715”.

Without much explanation, the alien returns to his ship. Initially, this weapon was intended to prepare the audience for the third part, which focused on the activities of extraterrestrial animals on Earth over the centuries. Unfortunately, Predator 2 It is a failure and Twentieth Century Fox abandons the project.

NO Predator 3… but the comics

Dating back to 1715, the weapon reappeared in a 1996 comic book story. The Dark Horse Decade. Titled “Predator 1718”, the story follows the encounter between the pirate Raphael Adolin and the Predator that has come to Earth. While the man faces his own in a bloody battle, an alien comes to his aid. The pirate was finally hit by a bullet. Before dying, he offers his weapon to the warrior.

Good news for fans: Raphael Adolin’s pistol is here Predator. However, its origin is different from comics. After escaping from the Canadians – and a predator, by the way – heroine Naru (Amber Midtander) returns to their camp the next day.

Raphael Adolin’s weapon in “Predator”.

He helps one of them who is seriously injured. To prove his honesty, the man hands him a pistol. After a few minutes, the young woman will learn to use it in spite of herself.

The audience only discovers the inscriptions engraved on the firearm at the end of the film. Predator It’s not explained how the Predators will get the weapon back, but as Naru fears, it’s a safe bet that the Warriors will return in greater numbers. It is possible to imagine that one of the aliens will recover the weapon during a new confrontation.

Predator Available on Disney+.

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