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6 extreme things Jared Leto did for a role: He went blind for a while

Jared Leto transforms into a vampire on the tape of “Morbius” and, as is usual in his method of interpretation, never left the role during the recordings. Here’s a look at some of the extreme things the actor has done in his roles.

Jared Leto lost more than 28 kilos in two films

Among the things the actor has done to get into a role are physical transformations, as in the case of “Requiem for a Dream” and the “Dallas Buyers Club”, where he lost 28 and 30 kilos, respectively.

In the 2013 Dallas Buyers Club, she played Rayon, a trans woman, and throughout filming she never strayed from the character, which helped lead to a performance that earned him an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.

He lived on the streets of New York

Also for the 2000 film “Requiem for a Dream,” in which he plays a heroin addict, the actor abstained from sex and lived for a time as a homeless man on the streets of New York to show more realistically his longing and desire for drugs. and food.

“It was miserable. I was in a painful and dark place, but it was satisfying. “I do not know if you have ever been hungry, but there were some moments near the end (of the recordings) where I had hallucinations,” he told the BBC in January 2001.

He gained so much weight in “Chapter 27” that it hurt

But you can also do the opposite from the previous examples. For this movie where he played Mark David Chapman, the killer of John Lennon, he gained 67 kilos and had to use a wheelchair to move, because so much weight hurt him when he walked.

“One of the problems was the pain in my legs. He could not walk long distances. I had a wheelchair because it was very painful. “My body was shocked by the weight I gained,” he told Digital Spy in April 2015.

He was moving on crutches while recording “Morbius”

The director said that he respected the actor’s method and process, but to avoid wasting so much time, Leto was given a wheelchair to go to the toilet during breaks between shots.

Blinded for “Blade Runner 2049”

In the film, Leto has a supporting role as Dr. Niander Wallace, a creator of artificial beings known as Replicants. As his character is blind, the actor put on contact lenses that prevented him from seeing, except that he had an assistant who helped him walk and thus get everywhere.

This was confirmed by the actor for the Wall Street Journal in September 2017, who also commented that he knows that the things he does are extreme, but he would never go so far as to hurt himself: “I’m crazy, but not insane.”

He sent strange gifts to the cast of “Suicide Squad”

When Leto first played the Batman Joker villain, he became so attached to the character that he began sending strange remarks to his colleagues, such as giving Will Smith an envelope full of bullets and Margot Robbie a box with a rat inside and sending used condoms in other members of the production.

“I did a lot of things to create a dynamic, to create an element of surprise and spontaneity, and to really tear down any kind of wall that existed. “The Joker is someone who does not respect things like personal space or boundaries,” he told E! in 2016.

Source: univision

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