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Doctor Who’s David Tennant teases more 60th anniversary surprises fans don’t know yet

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Doctor whoThe creative team continues to work on the upcoming 60th anniversary celebration and fans already know what to expect. Fans were thrilled to hear from the former Doctor David Tennant will return alongside Catherine Tennant for a new adventure launch Neil Patrick Harris plays a mysterious villain . Some, however, are a little upset that we heard about all of these big revelations long before the special started, but David Tennant tried to dispel some of those fears during a speech at a recent event.

David Tennant took the stage at Fan Expo Boston to answer questions from fans and spoke briefly during your panel upon return to Doctor who for the 60th anniversary of the beloved sci-fi staple. Tennant said the franchise needed to announce his return early due to filming taking place in very public locations, but he joked that there were still plenty of surprises in store for fans beyond what we already know. , saying:

We were a little bit unlucky, or lucky, because we were shooting scenes in the audience. So you had to admit we were working on it. Most of what was filmed with other people was indoors. So there’s a lot more to come than people realize, which is exciting.

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It is exciting to know that there are other planned surprises that have taken place in locations outside the public filming locations. This may explain why fans have seen beloved actors like the late Bernard Cribbins on set, but we have yet to hear or see the images of the new Dr. Ncuti Gatwa. It was recently reported Gatwa is not expected to start filming next season until November. but that doesn’t mean he couldn’t have made a short scene even in the 1960s.

This news should give hope to fans hoping to see other Doctors in the adventure, such as Peter Capaldi, Matt Smith or even Christopher Eccleston. There is also a chance to see some former helpers like Karen Gillan or Jenna Coleman, it really seems like the sky is the limit after David Tennant’s final comments.

David Tennant then joked with FanExpo attendees about what’s in store for the 60th anniversary celebration. The actor briefly mentioned confusion surrounding his retaliation as a doctor and how he got back together with Donna Noble after their last meeting:

No one has yet figured out what Catherine and I are doing with it. I think there is a lot of theory, a lot of speculation. I’m really excited for people to see what a little cog we are in the big Russell machine.

There have been many rumors about plans for Doctor whosince the series announced the return of Russell T. Davies, as the hypothetical idea that the franchise will tend to create a multiverse for its characters, offering opportunities to create new adventures. Some think that the return of David Tennant’s Doctor and Donna Noble means they are from another universe, but as Tennant hinted, that idea is just one of the many speculative avenues that fans opened up before the characters returned. We hope all of these surprises are as satisfying as fans have come to expect and we will have fun celebrating. Doctor who in the best way in 2023.

Doctor who will be back in the fall with the latest episode of Jodie Whittaker, but fans can watch whatever is driving right now as long as they have a HBO subscription Max . It’s always a good time to review the David Tennant and Catherine Tate episodes, especially if we’re waiting for the special to air to learn more about the returning characters.

Source: Cinemablend

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