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What else did we do on Le Bon Dieu: A 4th movie in the works?

What To Do With God will air again tonight on TMC. Will there be a sequel to What We All Did To God, the third installment in the franchise that came out this year? responsive elements.

Even though What We All Did To God airs again tonight on TMC, should we expect a sequel to What We All Did To God, Part 3 of the franchise? A successful franchise with 12.3 million admissions for the first installment (released in April 2014) and first at the French box office that year, then 6.7 million admissions for the sequel (in January 2019), making this comedy the fourth biggest hit of 2019, behind. The Lion King, Frozen and Avengers: Endgame.

To date, Le Bon Dieu 3 fait fort is the most successful French film of the year at the box office of 2022, with 2.4 million exhibitions. Nevertheless, the result of this third part falls short of expectations, as it is much lower than the first two opus.

In the columns of Le Parisien this summer, Philippe de Cheuvron explained that he did not want to do a Part 4 and had “Come full circleQuestioning the crisis that French cinema has been experiencing since the pandemic and which has inevitably affected the success of this sequel, Philippe de Chevron does not comment on the film’s records, but simply indicates that he wants to.I was moved” and directly said that he would not make a good God 4.

During the promotion of “What God Shall We All Do,” the actors who play the Verno girls were upbeat about the idea of ​​filming a 4th episode. “We would love to do 4“, actress Emily Cain said without hesitation to our microphone.

Everyone wants 4!

Everyone wants 4!– concluded Frederick Bell.In retrospect, this is one of the first questions we get asked: when is 4 coming out? People are totally addicted! I believe this pandemic has driven people completely crazy. They want to laugh, they want to share in the cinema, laugh together. That’s what’s cool.”

What could this sequel be about? “All on skis!, begins the title for Frederick Bell. “JLike mountains, that’s why!” “Everybody on the beach!Adds Alice David.Viewers tell us: What if we talk more about children, about our children, about our generation? Others say: they should just get divorced! But it’s not funny!” laughs Emily Cain, who plays Segolene in the film. Elodie Fontan plays: “Or they tell us to swap husbands!“Therefore, there are many possibilities for continuation, according to the actors who competed for imagination with our microphone.

To date, Good God’s Project 4 is by no means relevant.

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