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“House of the Dragon”: who will be replaced with the time jump?

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After the close of the first half of the season, with a fifth episode full of twists and shocking scenes, “House of the Dragon” is ready for a time jump. But which actors and actresses will be replaced over time?

After the marriage of Rhaenyra Targaryen and Laenor Velaryon, the two most powerful houses in Westeros, linked by Valyrian blood, HBO has already made it clear that in the next episode it will change a lot in the series. A new poster was even released, intensifying the division within the Targaryen family.

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As you can see in the poster, we clearly have Alicent and Rhaenyra, the two sides of the Dragon House family intrigue. But the faces of the actresses are different, given the time jump of “House of the Dragon”.

Milly Alcock, who masterfully played the role of Rhaneyra in the first half of the season, will be replaced by Emma D’Arcy in the future. D’Arcy gained notoriety for her supporting role in Prime Video’s “Hanna” and the British drama “Mothering Sunday,” in which she starred opposite Olivia Colman and Josh O’Connor.

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In the time interval that will be about 10 years between episode 5, titled “We Light the Way”, and “The Princess and the Queen”, the sixth episode of the series coming this Sunday (25), Rhaenyra and Laenor they have two children: Prince Jacaerys Velaryon (Leo Harg) and Prince Lucerys Velaryon (Harvey Sadler), plus a third, born early in the next episode, as HBO has already revealed in the clip below.

It is not yet known who the real father of Rhaenyra’s children is, as she and her husband had a deal for a false marriage, given Laenor’s disinterest in women.

Laenor himself will change his face starting with the next episode. Theo Nate will hand over the job to John Macmillan, who will assume the role of the queen’s husband. Macmillan is relatively unknown, but he had a supporting role in another HBO fantasy series, Joss Whedon’s The Nevers. You can see the new face of the character in the clip above.

Another character to change interpreter of the series will be Alicent, who will pass from Emily Carey to Olivia Cooke, recognized as one of the most talented young actresses of her generation. She attracted attention with the film “Me, You and the Dying Girl” and appeared in other productions such as “Thoroughbreds”, “Player No. 1”, “The Sound of Silence” and “Pixie”.

At the end of the “first phase” of the series, Emily Carey’s Alicent shone on the scene as she showed herself ready to go to war wearing a green dress for her stepdaughter Rhaenyra’s wedding. Additionally, she is adjusting after her father, Ser Otto Hightower (Rhys Ifans), was removed from the post of Hand of the King. Therefore, she appears to be ready to sever ties with her former friend Rhaenyra and defend the interests of her friends. same sons to the succession to the throne.

Alicent and King Viserys have three children, who will also be played by other actors after 10 years: Prince Aegon Targaryen, who will go from Ty Tennant to Tom Glynn-Carney; Princess Helaena Targaryen, who will move from Evie Allen to Phia Saban; and Prince Aemon Targaryen, who goes from Leo Ashton to Ewan Mitchell.

Laenor’s sister, Laena Velaryon, will be played by the third actress in the next episode of “House of the Dragon”. Earlier in the season, Corlys and Rhaenys Velaryon’s daughter was played by child actress Nova Foueillis-Mose. In episode 5, she briefly appears as Savannah Steyn, where she appears to pique the interest of Prince Daemon Targaryen.

Now, she will be played by Nanna Blondell, a Swedish stage actress who has had supporting roles in “Black Widow” and the Netflix thriller “Red Dot”.

The other characters in the series will continue to be played by the actors we already know, only apparently as we age. You can see the change of characters in the official teaser of episode 6:

The next episode of “House of the Dragon” arrives on HBO and HBO Max on Sunday (25) at 10pm.

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