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Emily in Paris: Netflix releases very beautiful photos in anticipation of the third season

Do you miss Emily in Paris? All the cast members can be seen in these photos from Season 3, which heralds the imminent return of the Netflix series for our greatest pleasure. These new episodes should be a turning point in the life of the charming-looking heroine, since several members of Savoir left the firm at the end of the second season. And Emily was invited to do the same.

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In these images, we can even detect the name of the agency created by Sylvie – Grateau – where he is surrounded by Luc and Julien. We don’t yet know if the American has joined them, but it’s hard to imagine him staying without his Nou colleagues.

On the heart side, nothing seems to have changed as Gabriel (Lucas Bravo) and Camille (Camille Razat) are back together and Alfie (Lucien Lavisconte) has let her know he wants to be with her. Expect another love triangle (and an apology letter in bad French).

Netflix has yet to announce a release date for Emily Season 3 in Paris, but the announcement is expected to be made during the TUDUM event on September 24th. In the meantime, we let you discover Lily Collins’ colorful and summery looks…

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