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Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is now on Disney +

The animated film premiered in the Mickey Mouse stream this Friday (23) and is already setting the stage for its sequel in 2023.

Fans will have another option to check out one of the best animations of recent years. Spider-Man in the Spider-Verse just premiered on Disney + this Friday (23), expanding the amount of Friend of the Neighborhood productions featured in streaming.

Until then, the Oscar-winning cartoon for best animation was available on Netflix. However, with the license period ending, now is the time for the Mickey Mouse service to get the news and get to know each other, as well as the good old Peter Parkerother variants of Spider-Man, most notably Miles Morales.

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Indeed, animation is largely responsible for bringing the concept of the multiverse to the center of the pop culture debate. Released in 2018, it was with this meeting of different versions of the hero from different realities that the studios opened up to this possibility in live action, culminating mainly in Spider-Man: No homecoming.

In the story, Spider-Men from different realities meet by chance after an experiment conducted by Kingpin goes wrong. Thus, the fabric of spacetime begins to crumble and the heroes must rush to resolve everything before existence implodes.

The highlight of the show, besides the script, is the starring role assigned to Miles Morales, which combined very well with the excellent soundtrack and the different types of animation used to bring each character to life. A very creative and powerful combination that makes Spider-Man in the Spider-Verse be truly one of the best things ever done with superheroes in all media, without any exaggeration.

and the release of Spiderverse on Disney + it’s even more significant. In addition to putting together the animation with other stories of the wonder, the premiere is also the only way for the audience to stream the movie. With the release of the feature from Netflix, it’s only available on digital platforms, like the Play Store, Apple TV, and Microsoft Store, plus Disney +, of course.

The sequence, Spider-Man through the Spider-Verseshould was released in theaters in June 2023.

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