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Rescue 2 | Chris Hemsworth’s new film receives a teaser with explosive scenes

Rescue 2 arrives with the mission to be even bigger than its predecessor, both in size of action and number of views on Netflix

Even if the trailer doesn’t arrive, the Netflix brought the first behind-the-scenes images of rescue 2sequence of film with Chris Hemsworth and the main streaming bet to please action movie fans in 2023. So much so that the unfinished scenes already show the company isn’t kidding when it says it wants to crank up the beat.

The exclusive clip released during Tundum, an event dedicated to the news of the platform held last weekend, is presented by director Sam Hargrave, who emphasizes how much they wanted to make this sequel bigger than its predecessor in everything possible.

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The director jokes that, as a sequel, he had a moral obligation to make sure the film had double the action and, therefore, spared no effort to turn the impossible into reality. Indeed, this is precisely the tone he adopts in the promotional video: how the entire production has managed to take from the paper what everyone thought impossible.

The greatest example of this is what Hargrave points to as one of the great moments of rescue 2: when a helicopter has to land on a moving train in the middle of a huge firefight and characters falling in the fight. And some of that sequence can be seen in the teaser, making it clear that you don’t go overboard when it comes to making everything great.

What will Rescue 2 look like?

According to Netflix, rescue 2 will bring hero Tyler Rake (Hemsworth) back into action after “nearly escaping the events of the first film”. With that, the mercenary will now have to engage in a slightly more personal mission, since his family is the one in the sights of a dangerous gangster.

And the stakes around the film are really high. The first film is considered to be one of the biggest hits on Netflix to date. Only in its first month, To save it has been viewed in over 99 million homes, an impressive number even by streaming standards. Therefore, the expectations for the sequel are very high.

With a screenplay by Joe Russo (covert agent And Avengers: End of the game), rescue 2 is intended for reach the platform in 2023but without a precise date yet.

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