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Journal shows Alan Rickman once wanted to leave “Harry Potter”

The actor decided to stay in the production, even with a cancer diagnosis, after discovering his character’s “heroic death”.

In a diary, the actor wrote about

The newspaper The Guardian has published new excerpts from the diary of Alan Rickmanwhere the actor teacher Snapein Harry Potter, revealed a constant desire to leave the saga. The artist died in 2005, due to prostate cancer, but also ill, he continued to play the iconic character.

Alan tried to leave the cast after the release of Secret roomin 2002, and wanted to come out again, after the fourth film, The goblet of fire. However, it remained only due to a statement by JK Rowling.

On December 4, 2002 the artist wrote: “I spoke with [o meu agente] Paul Lyon-Maris on the departure of Harry Potter, what he thinks will happen. But here we are again in the collision area of ​​design. Again, I won’t do it again HP. They don’t want to hear it. “

In 2005, even after the diagnosis of the disease, Alan, who wanted to leave the saga again, was convinced to stay. “I finally said yes to HP 5 [A Ordem da Fênix]. The winning argument is the one that says, ‘Look at this project to the end, it’s your story,’ “she said.

The interpreter, in fact, decided to stay after knowing what the end of his character would be. In 2007 she wrote: “I finished reading the last book of Harry Potter. Snape dies heroically, Potter describes him to his children as one of the bravest men he has ever known and calls him his son Albus Severus. This was a real rite of passage. A little bit of information from Jo Rowling seven years ago – Snape loved Lily – was what gave me the edge of a cliff to hang onto, “the actor said.

Production criticism

The artist has also recorded constant criticism of the production of the films. Before filming the first feature, he said he didn’t feel connected to the story.

In 2000 he wrote: “I feel nothing HPwhich really bothers me. “After seeing the end result of The philosopher’s Stonecommented: “The film, on the big screen, takes on a scale and depth that match John Williams’ horrendous score.”

The star also talked about the performance of Daniel Radcliffe And Emma Watson. “Alfonso Cuarón [diretor] start testing the cameras before the actors and these guys need direction. They don’t know their lines and Emma’s diction is sometimes from this side of Albania “.

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