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Cobra Kai: Which scene of the Netflix series was the most difficult to shoot for the eagle interpreter?

Still ranking as Netflix’s most-watched series three weeks after its premiere, Cobra Kai season five did not disappoint fans! It must be said that the series went perfectly, with spectacular fight scenes and a spectacular result, marking the settlement of scores between the heroes of the program and their rivals.

Actor Jacob Bertrand revealed this in an interview Soon that the scene in the last episode of Season 5 was particularly difficult to shoot, especially because of the physical demands on it.

It’s about a duel between his character Eagle, Kenny, the new muse of Terry Silver’s Cobra Kai dojo, and more specifically an acrobatic stunt that required incredible physical prowess as well as a particularly precise sense of timing:

I had a very, very hard time making it all happen. I’m not sure I could do it now, even if I was physically fit and all the necessary conditions were met. It was really difficult. We had to jump very high and wait for the right moment to make the turn at the right time. It was really hard to do.

Eagle and Ken fight in Cobra Kai Season 5:


A particularly trying sequence to shoot, but still essential to give the Eagle a fight scene worthy of his all-terrain title. Jacob Bertrand’s intense training before filming this scene was not in vain, as the fifth season was qualified by a large number of fans as a success like its predecessors.

But we’ll probably have to wait many months, with the sixth season – which is still not officially confirmed by Netflix – not expected until 2024 … at best!

Source: allocine

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