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Black Friday | 62.5% of consumers plan to shop on the day of the event

A survey by Olist points out that despite the offers throughout the month, 62.5% of Brazilians will shop on the day of the event.

This Friday (25th), the main commercial event of the year takes place: Black Friday. This year’s edition is stimulated above all by the World Cup, which opened last Sunday (20). Merchants’ expectations are high, according to a survey by the Brazilian Association of Electronic Commerce (Abcomm), which expects the date to generate R$6.05 billion in e-commerce transactions.

A survey conducted by Olist focused on the intent to buy and sell the event, interviewing more than 300 people. The survey points out that, despite the offers throughout the month, 62.5% of Brazilians will shop on the day of the event. The categories preferred by the interviewees are: household appliances (51.6%), electronics (32.8%) and furnishing accessories (31.2%).

For Alexander Clein, commercial director of Olist, the behavior of consumers who want to buy during Black Friday can be explained by the advancement of the digital market and the current economic scenario: “With greater caution when buying for fear of debt and the having accessed thousands of shops in the palm of her hand on her mobile phone, she has more freedom to search and compare prices and thus make a more assertive decision, leaving it to Black Friday”.

In addition, the director also emphasizes the influence of world Cup in customer purchasing decisions. The flexibility of the home office and departure times explain the great intention to purchase items such as televisions, projectors, home theaters, barbecue products, among others, which “enhance the experience of watching the World Cup at home” .

Among the deciding factors for a purchase, 75% of respondents stated that the price is the main one, followed by the quality of the product and the shipping options. Clein points out, however, the lack of relevance that the reputation of virtual shops has among customers.

Only 3.1% of respondents say that store reviews are taken into account when making or not making a purchase. “Checking the reputation and recommendations of the store owner is essential for the safety of those who intend to take advantage of offers and discounts and thus avoid frustrations”, evaluates the director.

As for the sales channels, important markets such as Free market🇧🇷 Americans And amazon stand out, with 74.6% of respondents. Followed by companies that operate with their own e-commerce (37%) and physical stores (23.4%).

61.8% of retailers want to increase their sales volume on Black Friday

Among the shopkeepers interviewed, the survey showed that the priority of 61.8% of them is to increase the volume of sales over the period. Among other intentions we have: the rotation of the title (19.5%), recognition (8.8%) and the increase in the average ticket (6.5%). The lowest average ticket products will be bet on categories such as: Home & Decoration (32.1%), Fashion & Accessories (17.2%), Perfumes & Cosmetics (16.4%).

As far as sales channels are concerned, the digital marketplace is the main focus of entrepreneurs. According to the Olist study, 77.5% are present in highly visible marketplaces, while 35.9% will invest in social networks. Last are the proprietary e-commerce channels with 33.6%.

“On Black Friday, we see a combination of competitive offers and high purchase intent. That’s why the date continues to present a relevant opportunity for retailers to grow revenue in the second half,” concludes Alexander.

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