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How to create location on Google Maps | add location

Anyone can create a location on Google Maps from their mobile phone or computer. Learn step by step

If you have noticed that the application does not show a specific location, you can create a location in the file Google Maps. The user community itself can request changes and add a position to the platform.

This measure is important for anyone who owns a business or wants to strengthen a point of reference. In the creation form, Maps allows you to fill it out with information about opening hours, contact options, photos and opening date. The content is evaluated by Google and can be quickly entered into the browsing platform.

How to create location on google maps on mobile

  1. Open Maps and tap the “Contribute” tab;
  2. Then select “Add place”;

  3. Access the contribution tab to add a new location on Maps (Screenshot: André Magalhães)
  4. Start filling out the form. Enter the name of the place, the address and choose a category;
  5. However, it is possible to communicate opening hours, photos and contact details. Tap “Submit” to finish.

  6. Enter the information to create a location on Google Maps (Screenshot: André Magalhães)

On the same screen you can access a button to claim the location of a company or business. To do this, you must have an up-to-date company profile on Google and verify it on your mobile phone or computer.

How to add location on google maps via browser

First, open Google Maps on your computer and type the address into the search box. Then, in the side tab, select “Add a missing place”. Finally, complete the same form with basic location information and submit it for Google approval.

Enter a location in Maps from your computer (Screenshot: André Magalhães)

If you own a business, you can claim their Google profile and add their full information to Maps. Once this process is complete, Google allows you to enter more business details, such as the menu.

How to edit a location on Google Maps

Google Maps also lets you report when an address or pin is incorrect on the map. Open the app and tap a location name. Then select the pencil icon with the “Suggest edit” option and choose “Change the name or other details”. Fill out the information and submit the content.

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