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TV channels risk reputation by doubling down on controversial celebrities

Broadcasters bow to media figures who generate negative news and are vulnerable to different kinds of harm

Controversies always give up. They gain audience and repercussions on the Internet. They can also lead to lawsuits and a hole in your pocket.

Jovem Pan is beginning to pay a heavy price for having granted privileged space to controversial commentators such as Rodrigo Constantino.

YouTube suspended monetization of YouTube channels as punishment for “repeated misinformation violations.”

As a result, Jovem Pan will temporarily stop earning approximately BRL 55,000 per day with the discontinuation of revenue from its web-sharing content.

Television broadcasters risk not condemning the radical attitudes of some contractors

A few days ago, two commentators who displeased Constantine on live TV, César Calejon and Leonardo Grandini, were removed from the broadcast. The removal would have been a request from the veteran.

“…I’m tired of being used to attracting an audience, as more than 90% want to hear my analysis, and share it with those trying to navigate our name…,” he lamented on video after the commotion.

“I hope you understand who listens to the show,” he boasted, referring to Jovem Pan News’ ‘Três em Um’.

The audience without YouTube revenue won’t be worth much to maintain the station. Just having conservatism stars in the cast is not enough for the TV channel to survive and profit.

At the beginning of November, the CEO of Jovem Pan, Roberto Araújo, recorded a video projected on the platforms.

He said the group’s vehicles would continue to defend “the family, individual liberties, the free and independent press and the minimal state”.

Now hit hard where it hurts most—revenue—JP News will have to decide between keeping the camera open to belligerent commenters, revise its editorial line to recoup the money paid by YouTube, or stay the same and take the loss.

Rodrigo Constantino's statements suggest that he requires special treatment for

Another media personality generating discord at the moment is Deolane Bezerra. Lawyer Believes He Owns Reality Show ‘A Fazenda 14’. He does and undoes with the strange connivance of RecordTV.

The repercussions in the press and on social networks could not be worse for the image of Bishop Edir Macedo’s station.

The impression is that there is complicity with the toxic behavior – evidenced by threats to other participants in the program – of the woman who remained anonymous before the accidental death of her husband, MC Kevin.

No one understands the silence of the directors of ‘A Fazenda’ and the top management of RecordTV. Do they advocate “the worse, the better” to attract more audience? As a strategy, the burden is greater than the bonus.

Deolane’s blatant lack of respect for some opponents and certain rules of attraction have contributed to making this edition of ‘A Fazenda’ the worst of a Brazilian reality show.

At least 1 major advertiser left the show not wanting their brand associated with such a gory TV show and seemingly without a steady hand from the producer.

At a time of so much animosity among Brazilians, with daily episodes of intolerance, RecordTV unfortunately does not take a stand against moral harassment and the risk of violence.

Nor does it appear to be a channel tied to an evangelical church, broadcasting biblical soap operas and demanding exemplary behavior from its video professionals and backstage employees.

Attorney Deolane Bezerra scares in and out of the house due to her aggressive behavior

On RedeTV!, the high cost is attributed to Sikêra Jr., host of “National Alert”. For his ideological attacks on him, he has generated lawsuits against himself and the broadcaster.

In one of the adjudicated actions, he will have to compensate Xuxa Meneghel R$50,000 for crimes against the artist in his police program.

For statements interpreted as homophobic, Sikêra was reported to the Public Prosecutor by activists of the LGBTQIAP+ cause.

Transgender model Viviany Beleboni took the host to court after she felt she was being defamed for pejoratively exposing herself in the attraction.

On air on RedeTV! as of early 2020, Sikêra Jr. was considered an audience phenomenon by the standard of the broadcaster, where most programs do not average 1 point on Ibope.

Today the situation is different. “National Alert” lost a significant share of viewers. It has already ranked 7th in the ranking of open TV channels.

In the week of November 14-18, his average was 0.5. Far from the programs with more home audiences, ‘A Tarde é Sua’ and ‘Operação de Risco’, with averages between 1.5 and 2.0 points.

Even down in Ibope, with no online repercussions and legal fights, Sikêra Jr. is kept in front of the cameras and treated like a star by RedeTV!.

Sikêra Jr. no longer generates a relevant audience for RedeTV!, but remains free to attack whoever he wants

Public leader and with stratospheric prestige, Globo does not escape such a conflict. How to explain the omission of the issuer in the Cássia Kis case?

The ‘Travessia’ actress made statements deemed homophobic in an interview on YouTube, took part in demonstrations calling for military intervention (in defiance of the Constitution) and was reported for disturbing Compliance – the department that deals with internal employee complaints — by il canale.

What happened? Everything. At least until now. Globo released a protocol note in which it stated that it “repudiated all forms of discrimination”. But what happens when bias is propagated by a contractor?

Cássia Kis has the right to take a political stance, however, she brought a personal issue to Globo: support for anti-democratic ideas potentially harmful to individual and collective freedoms and the safeguarding of the rule of law.

Globe should be more stationary. Even more so after tirelessly championing democracy in its journalism and recently creating a Diversity department to promote greater inclusion among its staff and programming.

The presence of Cássia Kis in acts considered undemocratic has made her militancy a problem for Globo

Sikêra Jr. no longer generates a relevant audience for RedeTV!, but remains free to attack whoever he wants

Perhaps the Marinho family broadcaster chose to “wait for the dust to settle” as a recourse not to take any forceful action, such as issuing a warning to Cássia Kis or removing her from the soap opera.

The subject really went out of focus, however, the damage to the channel image is still evident. A significant portion of the public sees him as complicit or condescending to what the actress has said and done.

An unacceptable doubt for the largest and most influential communication group in the country, which has strengthened its progressive and anti-segregation discourse throughout the government of Jair Bolsonaro.

In these exemplary cases, the damage to televisions that suffer a certain personality is explicit, as if they were totally dependent on it. Self-harming behavior.

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