Thursday, December 8, 2022
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Doohan leads the second day of F2 collective testing in Abu Dhabi. Fittipaldi is 5th

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Jack Doohan overtook Jehan Daruvala to finish the second day of Formula 2 collective testing in Abu Dhabi on top. Fifth with Carlin the Brazilian Enzo Fittipaldi

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the Australian Jack Dohan he was fastest on the second day of collective testing Formula 2 held this Thursday (24) in Abu Dhabi🇧🇷 The pilot of Virtuosos set a time of 1min35s990, quicker than the pole position achieved by Ayumu Iwasa last weekend, to finish on top with a lead of 0s170 on Jehan Daruvalaby MP Motorsports.

The vast majority of drivers recorded their fastest laps in the morning. Alone Federico Vesti And Oliver Bearmannfrom to press, and Arthur Leclerc, from DAMS, gave their all in the afternoon session. Doohan finished the morning ahead of Daruvala, followed by Iwasa, Ralph Boschung, of Campos, and the Brazilian Enzo Fittipaldiof Carlino.

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Frederik Vesti led the afternoon session this Thursday (24) (

Kush Maini, Roy Nissany, Théo PourchaireDennis Hauger e Victor Martin completed the top-10 in the first part of the tests. Martins also caused the session’s only red flag after he crashed exiting turn 16. Vesti di Van Amersfoort and Juan Manuel Correa completed the most laps with 53 total.

In the afternoon, teams and drivers concentrated on race simulations. Vesti led from the start, finishing ahead of Iwasa and Bearman. Leclerc, Zane Maloney, Clément Novalak, Nissany, Brad Benavides, Roman Stanek and Hauger rounded out the afternoon’s top 10, with Pourchaire leading in terms of laps completed, with 67 in total. The afternoon session was only interrupted once, due to a touch between Doohan and Maini.

THE Formula 2 returns for the third and final day of collective testing in Abu Dhabi this Friday (25th). Van Amersfoort will be the only team to change drivers, with Mexican Rafael Villagómez taking over the number 25 car from Dutchman Richard Verschoor, who led the first day of practice.

Formula 2 2022, Collective Testing, Abu Dhabi, Day 2:

1 J DOOHAN Virtuosi Racing 1:35,990 69
Two J DARUVALA MP Motorsports 1:36,160 +0.170 80
3 I WAS A DAM 1:36,165 +0.175 89
4 R BOSCHUNG racing fields 1:36,311 +0.321 88
5 AND FITTIPALDI Pug 1:36,335 +0.345 71
6 K. MAINI racing fields 1:36,349 +0.359 70
7 R NISSAN Charouz racing system 1:36,352 +0.362 68
8 T POURCHAIRE ART Grand Prix 1:36,368 +0.378 103
9 D HAUGER MP Motorsports 1:36,427 +0.437 79
10 F DRESS PREMA Racing 1:36,462 +0.472 ninety two
11 V MARTIN ART Grand Prix 1:36,579 +0.589 57
12 C NOVALAC trident 1:36,642 +0.652 46
13 Z MALONE Pug 1:36,691 +0.701 91
14 THE BEAR PREMA Racing 1:36,715 +0.725 72
15 R VERSCHOOR van amerfoot run 1:36,764 +0.774 88
16 LECLERC DAM 1:36,829 +0.839 81
17 CORDEEL Virtuosi Racing 1:36,869 +0.879 94
18 I HAD High Technology Grand Prix 1:37.083 +1.093 100
19 R STANEK trident 1:37,152 +1.162 89
20 B BENAVIDI Charouz racing system 1:37,243 +1.253 98
21 J MANUEL CORREA van amerfoot run 1:37,332 +1.342 103
22 J CRAWFORD High Technology Grand Prix 1:37,378 +1.388 101

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