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31 years without Freddie Mercury: Star+ celebrates the life of the legendary rocker

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This Thursday (24th) they are completed 31 years old without Freddie Mercury, one of the greatest singers of all time. The British singer, pianist and composer, who became known for being the voice of Queendied at 45 yearss of bronchopneumoniaas a result of AIDS in November 24, 1991🇧🇷

Freddie Mercurytakes its name Farroch BulsaraHe was born in September 5, 1946 in the British colony Stone cityin Zanzibar (today part of Tanzania), to Africa🇧🇷 Your parents, Bomi and Ger Bulsarathey were Zoroastrian parsis – an ethno-religious group that has migrated to India to avoid religious persecution.

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The family moved from India for Zanzibar, since Bomi worked at British Colonial Bankand there the couple also had their second daughter, Kashmir🇧🇷 His birth name was Farroch Bulsarabut the star legally changed her name to Freddie Mercury in the 70s, when the band Queen graduate.

To celebrate the life of the star, the streaming platform Star+ will present two major productions that will revisit the life and trajectory of one of rock’s kings.

Bohemian Rhapsodybiopic of Queen launched in 2018, shows how Freddie Mercury and your companions Brian May, Roger Taylor And john deacon changed the music world forever by forming the band in the 1970s.

Documentary Fredie Mercury – The final act (2021)

Directed by James Rogan and produced by Rogan Productions to the network BBC🇧🇷 The final act presents the story of the extraordinary final chapter in the life of Freddie Mercury🇧🇷 Production approaches how, after the singer’s death from AIDS, the Queen held one of the greatest concerts in history: the Tribute concert to Freddie Mercury in the old Wembley stadiumto celebrate her life and challenge preconceptions surrounding the syndrome.

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