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Richarlison surpasses 10m followers after panning Brazilian Cup debut

The player has gained over 3 million new users on his Instagram profile since the match that ensured Brazil’s victory over Serbia

Crack on and off the field, richarison not only ensured the victory of the Brazil 2-0 against Serbia at the first of World Cup in Qatar, as well as gaining millions of new fans after the game. The player’s official profile on Instagram passed the threshold of 10 million followers on the night of this Thursday 24.

Before the match, the number 9 had just over 7 million followers on his social account. In just a few hours, more than 3 million new followers reached the profile. And the number continues to increase. As of this article’s publication, it represents 10.6 million.

To the Twitter, the striker’s success was also recognized: he went from just under 700 thousand followers before the match to 1.1 million after the match. The terms ‘Richarlison’ and ‘Pombo’ were in the list of the most commented topics on the social network.

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A video showing the comparison between training and Thursday’s goal was also shared by Richarlison himself on his Twitter account. Instagram right after the game. “As the poet would say: training is training; play is play!” he joked in the caption.

Shortly before he had also published a photo of the exact moment of the ‘volley’ that ensured the second goal. “It’s the pigeon, the pigeon troop,” wrote the player, referring to the nickname he earned in 2018, after viralizing a dance to the rhythm of the song ‘Dança do Pombo’. Since then, the capixaba player’s goals have been celebrated with this “passinho”.

Only this publication Instagram after the victory he already has more than 156 thousand comments. The same click has been tirelessly shared by Brazilians on social media ever since, on the occasion of the first victory and in anticipation of the next clashes that could decide Brazil’s quest for a sixth championship.

The next game of Brazilian team to World Cup in Qatar will be Monday 28, from 13, against the Swissstill in the group stage.

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