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Theaters receive “Brothers of Honor” and 12 other films

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Theaters receive 13 previews this Thursday (8/12), but the film with the biggest distribution left the poster 13 years ago. “New Moon” (2009), second feature film of the “Twilight Saga”, returns to theaters in 400 theaters in just one week, to celebrate the anniversary of the end of the franchise.

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Among the new, the widest releases are the aerial action film “Irmãos de Honra” and the Brazilian comedy “Pronto, Falei”, which arrive in 300 theaters. But the list of highlights still includes two prestigious titles, ‘Ela Said’ and ‘Ruído Branco’, which are trying to garner attention in the contested awards season.

Check out the movies that are shown below.


The aviation film set during the Korean War arrives on screens in the void of the blockbuster “Top Gun: Maverick”, which is evoked not only by the scenes of fighter planes flying at low altitude, but also by the presence of actor Glen Powell, one of the “honorable brothers” of the title, along with Jonathan Majors (“Loki”).

Directed by JD Dillard (“O Mistério da Ilha”), the story portrays the racism endured by the first African American to fly combat for the United States Navy and his partnership with a colleague who accompanies him to the edge, as the two become the best pilots and best friends under fire.


The news drama recreates the backstage of the first publication of allegations of harassment, abuse and rape against one of Hollywood’s most powerful producers, Harvey Weinstein. The preview stars Carey Mulligan (“Beautiful Revenge”) and Zoe Kazan (“Lovesick”) as the New York Times reporters who investigated and publicized the allegations that rocked Hollywood and started the #MeToo movement.

The film is based on the book of the same name, released in 2019, which details the investigation into the rumors that have been circulating for years about Weinstein’s sexual conduct. The story takes a behind-the-scenes look at the months of investigations and legal hurdles journalists faced to get their stories published, battling the luck and power of a man who has won the most graces from God in Oscar history.

Despite the initial difficulty in finding anyone to take on the allegations, once published the report inspired a hundred women, including Hollywood’s top stars, to reveal attempts at abuse and even rape committed with impunity by the producer – and owner of the film studio – for more than three decades. The succession of allegations brought down a protection scheme that involved behind-the-scenes payments, confidentiality agreements, threats of professional retaliation and even surveillance services and professional intimidation, leading the tycoon to trial and prison, as well as handing over the Pulitzer Prize for journalists. .

As they came to light, Weinstein’s crimes also had a domino effect, inspiring new indictments against powerful bosses that shook the foundations of the entertainment industry and labor relations around the world – with echoes even in the fall of the president of CBF and Caixa Federal Economy in Brazil.

The dramatization has a screenplay by the English Rebecca Lenkiewicz (“Disobedience”) and the direction of Maria Schrader (from the miniseries “Nothing Orthodoxa”).


Noah Baumbach’s new film (“Marriage Story”) is an absurd, terrifying, lyrical and apocalyptic comedy based on the novel of the same name by Don DeLillo (“Cosmopolis”), which follows the attempts of a 1980s American family to face the fears of everyday life and the possibility of happiness in an uncertain world. With an apocalyptic atmosphere, it takes the central family on the run from a toxic cloud, but everything is exacerbated by the father’s psychological condition: an exaggerated fear of death, which accompanies every step of his life.

Adam Driver plays the lead character, in his second collaboration with Baumbach, after being nominated for an Oscar for his performance in ‘Marriage Story’ (2019).

The cast also highlights the participation of the director’s wife, Greta Gerwig, who hasn’t starred in a live-action production since “Mulheres do Século 20” (2016) – essentially, since she also took off as a director with “Lady Bird: A Hora de Voar” (2017). Also Don Cheadle (“Avengers: Endgame”), Raffey Cassidy (“Tomorrowland”), Jodie Turner-Smith (“Unapologetic”), Alessandro Nivola (“The Many Saints of Newark”) and their children Sam and May Nivola.

Being the Netflix production, the theatrical release is very limited, before the streaming debut,


The French drama follows the daily life of a flight attendant, played by Adèle Exarchopoulos (“Blue is the warmest colour”). Taking the work routine into automatic mode, one day she is fired from the airline and is forced to come to terms with what her life has in store for her when she returns home.

Winner of the Festival de Gijón and awarded at Cannes, the film is the first feature film by the duo Julie Lecoustre and Emmanuel Marre, who gained attention by winning Best Short Film at the 2018 Locarno Film Festival (with “D’un château l’autre “).


French actress Laure Calamy (“My Holiday with Patrick”) competed for the César (the French Oscar) for this drama, in which she plays a prostitute who tries to enroll her son in a renowned course. Since her infectious optimism is not enough to pay the monthly fees, she looks for loans, which are denied, and she finds a solution by working in a brothel, which threatens her independence. It is the first feature film directed by Cécile Ducrocq, screenwriter of the “Dix pour Cent” series.


Michel Tikhomiroff’s early comedy (“Trust Me”) is a typical farce gone bad, with references ranging from “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” to “Cyrano de Bergerac”. In the plot, Nicolas Prattes (“David’s Secret”) is a journalist who, after drinking heavily, discovers that he has been sending several draft emails badmouthing everyone at work. Certain that he will lose his job, he accepts a pact: another journalist, played by Romulo Arantes Neto (“Who will be with Mário?”), proposes to assume the authorship of the emails, and in exchange asks him to start writing his column.

But the emails boost each other’s popularity, and they still get praised for the job they don’t do. Disappointed, the troubled protagonist begins to figure out how to turn the tables. The cast also includes Kéfera Buchmann (“É Fada”) and Duda Santos (“Travessia”).

🇧🇷 SUN |

The Brazilian drama accompanies a newly separated father, who is unable to reconnect with his ten-year-old daughter, and is forced to travel with her to the northeastern hinterland in search of the father who abandoned him as a child and now wants to die . His daughter’s forced coexistence with her hating father and immediate bond with her grandfather tests all his limits, but gives him a chance to reconnect with her daughter.

The direction is by Lô Politi (“Alvorada”) and the lead role won the best actor award for Romulo Braga (“Irmãos Freitas”) at the Festival do Rio.

🇧🇷 # (HASHTAG) |

Paula Burlamaqui (“Secret Truths”) plays Bia, a successful influencer, model and blogger who is preparing for her birthday party. At the same time, she becomes increasingly disconnected from the real world and from her own family. But just when she thinks she’s at her best, a threat of exposure from her makes her question her reality. Caio Sóh (“Canastra Suja”) conducts.


The religious documentary tries to understand who Joseph of Nazareth, the father of Jesus, was. The Spanish director Andrés Garrigó specializes in such productions, having already shot “Fátima, The Last Mystery” (2017) and “Luz de Soledad” (2016 ) about the Spanish saint María Soledad Torres y Acosta, among other Catholic documentaries.


Oberom’s documentary accompanies two Brazilian brothers on a journey to India to understand the implications that the ancient practice of Yoga and its ethical principles (the Yamas) have on our society. Along the way, they learn hidden truths from India that challenge the very tradition of Yoga.


Taciana Oliveira’s debut film is a documentary essay created from a selection of testimonials from writer Clarice Lispector and interviews with friends and family. The format results in a visual poetic stitching of excerpts adapted from her work and in a saving of the writer’s participation in the program “Os Mágicos”, on TV Educativa, in December 1976.


Creuza Gravina’s debut film was the result of several years of research to tell the story of the Tablado Theater and its founder Maria Clara Machado. The narration takes shape through 62 testimonies of former students of different generations, such as Marieta Severo, Malu Mader, Cláudia Abreu, Lúcio Mauro Filho, Marcelo Serrado, Bárbara Heliodora, Ernesto Piccolo, Lupe Gigliotti, Louise Cardoso, Cacá Mourthé, Leandro Hassum, Andréa Beltrão and many others, as well as theater class professors and friends who accompanied the writer’s work, such as the late Gilberto Braga and Marcos Palmeira.


Paris Filmes is relaunching the entire “Twilight Saga” in Brazilian cinemas to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the end of the franchise, which ended in 2012 with “Breaking Dawn – Part 2”.

After “Twilight” (2008), it’s time for “New Moon” (2009), which turned the supernatural romance between the mortal Bella (Kristen Stewart) and the vampire Edward (Robert Pattinson) into a triangle with l introduction of werewolf Jacob (Taylor Lautner).

The success of the films catapulted the careers of the central couple, who also had a tumultuous off-screen courtship. Stewart and Pattinson have made some of Hollywood’s most prestigious and successful recent films. While the actress was nominated for an Oscar for “Spencer”, the actor has become the new “Batman” of cinema. Taylor Lautner, on the other hand, became a supporting actor in Adam Sandler’s comedies.

The “Twilight Saga” is also available in full streaming on the Netflix and Star+ platforms.

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