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‘Babylon’: Margot Robbie Reveals What They Smoked and Inhaled While Filming the Movie

If there is a movie that gives a lot to talk about, it is “Babylon”, because its characters are inspired by real people from old Hollywood.

Additionally, Damien Chazelle’s film has multiple scenes of excess, including drug use, excessive intimacy, and even an elephant with diarrhea.

Margot Robbie revealed what they used in ‘Babylon’ for the drug and cigarette scenes

At the end of December last year, Margot Robbie confessed what it was like to record the intimate scenes of ‘Babylon’ with Brad Pitt.

Now, he revealed to ‘Buzzfeed Australia’, in an interview published on January 20, how the scenes in which he appears to be using drugs were achieved.

“When you see cocaine in movies, it’s usually vitamin B powder (in real life). Or if you’re not actually going to swallow it, it could be powdered (non-palpable) sugar or baby powder laxatives.

When asked if it “hurts” to inhale these products, he replied that “it’s not nice.”

On how the ‘Babylon’ cigars were made, Margot Robbie revealed they were ‘fake’ because they were nicotine-free. In fact, they were completely plant-based, which made them smell and taste “terrible,” something Diego Calva agreed with.

Regardless of how bad they smelled and tasted, the “Barbie” actress also had to smoke one after another because she “needed to have a cracking voice” for her character.

This is how the scene from “Babylon” in which an elephant goes to the toilet happened

Undoubtedly, another of the moments that mark the film is the one in which Manny Torres has to transport an elephant to an actor’s house, but ends up discovering that this task is more difficult than he could have imagined, especially since the animal has diarrhea .

Speaking to “Polygon,” Damien Chazelle and several members of the production team said they used digital effects to incorporate it into the tape.

“We couldn’t shoot with an elephant (to be exact). We did things to this elephant on screen that should never be done to an elephant.”

Even so, they used a real pachyderm to model the fictional one: one they found at a shrine in the United States that “had a small spot on its forehead.”

Despite relying on special effects, the production of “Babylon” had a sculpture of an elephant made for the scene in which Diego Calva’s character defecates.

To make it as realistic as possible, the team used “the same pumping equipment” from the Kid’s Choice Awards, since they are capable of expelling the famous ‘slime’, i.e. a thick and somewhat heavy consistency.

Of course, to recreate the elephant droppings they used only “food grade materials” since filming took place in the California desert, which requires them to use biodegradable products.