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‘Delirio Profundo’ triumphs among the craziest superheroes at CutreCon 2023

The dates and theme of CutreCon 13 in 2024 have already been revealed

    CutreCon 2023 has come to an end after 5 days of the worst (and funniest) superhero moviesin an edition that, according to those responsible, has been the largest in the history of the festival.

    the worst-best superhero movies have been the main protagonists this year with shameless plagiarism of Marvel, special effects made with paint and unparalleled cheekiness.The movie ‘Supersonic Man‘ (1979), Spanish version of ‘Superman’ directed by the legendary Juan Piquer Simonwas in charge of inaugurating the film exhibition while the closure was, as every year, a marathon of 4 films, the SuperWomathon, which culminated with ‘lady avengers‘ and his group made up of the Royalty-free Japanese versions of Iron Girl, Wonder Woman, Sailor Moon, the Pink Power Ranger, and Kekko Kamena superheroine created by the author of ‘Mazinger Z’ who only wears a mask, gloves and boots, leaving the rest of her body exposed.

    In between we had classics like the movie 60’s Batman, ‘The Toxic Avenger’ from the mythical independent company Troma, the great Marvel fiasco of the 90’sHoward: A new hero‘ and remembered Spanish failures such as ‘Tuno black‘ either ‘Captain Thunder‘, whose directors Pedro Barbero and Antonio Hernández were present to collect the honorary awards of this edition.

    Although without a doubt the session that will remain in our retinas forever (for better or for worse) will be ‘The Amazing Bulk’the “film” (to call it somehow) of Lewis Schoembrun (‘Aliens vs. Avatars’). Using all the images and 3D animations from the free bookstores on the net, this Hulk exploitation exceeds all limits of crass and shamelessness with a final section that achieves (inadvertently and for the wrong reasons) what Damien Chazelle failed to achieve with his ending in ‘Babylon’ and which caused the whole room stood up shouting “This is cinema”. tremendous.

    amazing bulk

    The Official Section This edition featured only two films, although the level was up to what was seen last year, when the competition section debuted for the first time. ‘Profound delirium’ was imposed, by (in) own merits, over ‘Alien housewife against gay zombie’. the tape Martha Montesstarring Arturo de Bobadilla (‘The Risen’), Antonio Mayans and Paco Clavel (?) He plunged us into a state of hypnosis in a thriller with hints of the Italian giallo, romances with music by Junco and dubbing voices recorded by mobile. As indescribable as it sounds, not even her director and screenwriter had words to introduce her. You can enter your trailer at the head of this text.

    After hours and hours of the strangest superhero cinema, the director Carlos ‘Bear’ Palencia and the rest of the festival team revealed, as a finishing touch, the dates of Cutrecon 13 and its theme: The next edition will be held from January 31 to February 4 and will have as its leitmotiv the worst-best vampire movies.

    Source: Fotogramas

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