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“The Snow Girl”: the ending of the Netflix series explained, who sends the photo?

As part of the Netflix series about disappearances, this 2023 the Spanish production “La chica de nieve” (“The Snow Girl” in English) arrives on the platform, which is full of intrigue, crime and mystery.

The Netflix series is based on the book of the same name by Javier Castillo. It centers on Miren Rojo (Milena Smit), an intern at Malaga’s local newspaper who is interested in the disappearance of a five-year-old girl during a parade.

In its six episodes, “The Snow Girl” gradually reveals the complications that Miren and the police have to discover what happened to little Amaya Martín from 2010 to 2019, when hope seems to disappear.

In the end, the series is full of drama, risk and an unexpected twist that sets things up for a second season. If you were left in doubt with the ending of ‘The snow girl’, here we explain everything that was left.

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“The Snow Girl”, the explained ending of the Spanish Netflix series

After an intense and long nine-year search, Miren discovered that the kidnappers’ videos prove that Amaya is alive and were captured on videotape.

Since few people still use these cameras, Miren goes to a video store and the owner reveals that only a woman who lives in a remote and isolated area has repaired one of these VHS cameras.

The suspect is named Iris and before Amaya’s disappearance she was a fertility patient who decided to kidnap Amaya as the only way to become a mother.

During the years Iris had Amaya, she managed to convince her that her name was really Julia, that she should never approach strangers, and that she should always hide her presence if anyone came to the house.

Pretending to report on people who live far from civilization, Mirren manages to talk to Iris, enter her home, and even confirm her suspicion that the woman is the kidnapper and that Amaya is living with her.

Iris suspects that she has been found and at night tries to escape in her car with Amaya, but Mirren watches her all day waiting for the police, so she chases the kidnapper, until Iris drives off a cliff.

Iris dies in the crash and Amaya blames Miren, even pointing a shotgun at her, but the journalist manages to calm her down and make her realize that her name is not Julia, but Amaya, and that she has lived as her “daughter”. kidnapper.

Back at the police station, Amaya meets her real parents, but it’s not all happy, because the little girl doesn’t recognize them and now only responds to Julia’s name.

For her part, Miren manages to escape unscathed from all the events, avoids getting involved in the murder of several criminals related to the investigation, and two years later publishes a book about her life and Amaya’s case.

However, the journalist receives a yellow envelope with the legend “Want to play?” and inside is a photo of a handcuffed girl, apparently abducted, named Laura Valdivia.

‘The Snow Girl’ ending explained: who sends the photo to Mirren?

Although the Netflix miniseries “The Snow Girl” does not explain who sent the photo of Laura Valdivia gagged, and dated 2012, it can be understood that this will be explored in season two.

If you pick up the novel “El juego del alma” by Javier Castillo, which continues Miren’s story, you can find out what the new case Miren will do according to the photo.

In the novel, Miren also receives a strange envelope with a photo of a kidnapped girl, so the journalist investigates the crucifixion of this 15-year-old girl and the involvement of the church and its parishioners.

Although the girl’s name is different in the novel and the events take place in New York, the Netflix series has adapted the first book to be set in Spain, so if there is a second season it is sure to do the same.

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