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Gustavo wins the race and is the third Leader of BBB 23

Brother competed in the agility trial this Thursday, the 2nd, and secured the fastest time among the competitors

Gustavo is the new leader of the Big Brother Brazil 23. The businessman won the test this Thursday 2 and took the third drive of the program. The dispute involved agility, attention and balance.

During the race, participants had to complete a circuit, passing through all checkpoints without touching the ground with their feet. Whoever finished the race in the least time would be the new leader. With 31.238 seconds, ‘cowboys‘, as he is called by his fellow inmates, won, taking over the reign of the week.

But the announcement of the victory of Brother it only came in the “45 minutes of the second half”, after an analysis of the images by the program team. He was even disqualified during the course, but a re-evaluation at the end called him into question and his participation was validated.

“We had a turnaround at the end of the leader process,” he announced Thaddeus Schmidt. Show the pictures to the public. “At the moment of the ramp, he has his toe on the edge. The test management enlarged the image and the test was validated,” said the presenter.

Behind Gustavo, Cristian, with 34.518 seconds, and Gabriel Santana, who did it in 37.168. Other participants were disqualified for not respecting the rules of the contest, such as putting their foot on the ground or falling during the circuit. Also during the race, Domitilla sprained her foot and needed medical attention.


After being confirmed as this week’s leader in the program, Gustavo had to fulfill the mission of sharing the house between VIP and Xepa.

The group chosen to take advantage of the BBB’s kitchen was: in addition to the Leader Gustavo, Key Alves, Cristian, Fred Nicácio, Gabriel Santana, Cezar and Marvvila. Meanwhile, it was left to the participants Aline Wirley, Bruna Griphao, Fred, Domitilla Barros, Cara de Sapato, MC Guimê, Paula, Tina, Larissa, Ricardo, Sarah Aline, Amanda and Bruno to go to Xepa.

Dynamics of the Week: Big Fone Will Play!

Before the start of the race, this Thursday 2, Tadeu Schmidt announced how this week’s dynamics will work. The news is that Big Fone will debut in the 23rd edition of the reality show. The date has not yet been disclosed, but the presenter has already said that whoever answers the phone will have to indicate two people in Paredão.

This Friday the bets for Poder Curinga take place, which this week will allow the player to choose, between the two indicated by Big Fone, who will go to Paredão. On Saturday there is the race of the Anjo and on Sunday the training of the Paredão takes place.

The hot seat will be formed by the candidate of the leader, the most voted in the House and the candidate in the dynamics of Big Fone. In addition, the candidate of Big Fone, confirmed by Poder Joringa, will be entitled to a counterattack, being able to pull one of the participants to complete the Paredão. With the exception of the one indicated by the leader, the other three play the Bate-Volta test and define the trio that will fight to stay on BBB 23.

Another information conveyed by Tadeu is that, next week, before the new Leader race, the previous leader will have the right to veto a participant in the leadership dispute, while two more vetoes will be given by the two survivors of Paredão, whose elimination takes place on Tuesdays.

Source: Terra

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