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Lizzo becomes a superhero in the video for ‘Special’

The American singer has released the video of her new hit, “Special”, in which she transforms into a superheroine. In the video he saves a child from being hit by a car, a child from a burning building and a woman kidnapped by two thieves, but he also uses his powers to his own advantage: X-ray vision reveals everything about a group of beefy workers and the super speed helps teach a couple of bullies a lesson.

Directed by Cristian Breslauer, who signed the last two clips of Lizzo, as well as “Boys Don’t Cry”, by Anitta.

“Special” is the title track from Lizzo’s fourth album, which is up for the 2023 Grammy Award for Best Pop Album of the Year. It is also the album’s third single, following the hits “About Damn Time” and “2 Be Loved (Am I Ready)”.

Source: Terra

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