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Microsoft announces how it will integrate ChatGPT with Bing

The AI ​​search feature was announced this Tuesday 7

One day after the launch of Bard, an intelligent chatbot that should integrate Google searchesTHE Microsoft announced this Tuesday, the 7th, that it will add the artificial intelligence (AI) from ChatGPT to Bingthe company’s search engine and browser edge. Microsoft’s bet is to bring more efficient searches to the site and combine conversational artificial intelligence with other business tools. The news was announced during an event closed to journalists only on Tuesday in Redmond, USA.

The partnership between Microsoft and Open AIowner of ChatGPT, has shrunk in recent months, when the company founded by Bill Gates has invested about $10 billion in the artificial intelligence startup. With its success on networks, ChatGPT had 100 million users in January — now the technology will also be on Microsoft’s search engine.

Second Satya Nadellapresident of the company, the AI ​​search model should be the example to follow in search engines, providing the user with more clarity in the answers and results.

“Artificial intelligence will fundamentally change every category of software, starting with the largest category of all: search,” said Satya Nadella, president and CEO of Microsoft. “Today we’re launching Bing and Edge with co-pilot AI technology and chat to help people get more out of search and the web.”

search everything

In the example presented by Microsoft at the event, Bing is able to use AI to search across different platforms and provide answers in a clear, conversational way, i.e. by directly answering the question asked by the user.

For the demo, Microsoft gave the command: “I have to prepare dinner for 6 vegetarian people. Can you suggest a 3-course menu with chocolate dessert?” Then, a results page appears, similar to a common search, but with ready-made menu suggestions.

The tool is not yet available to users, but you can already sign up for a Microsoft waitlist for early access to the tool on the Bing search engine.


Driven by the success of ChatGPT, Google will finally make its intelligent chatbot, called Bard, available to the public. The service will be available in the coming weeks, according to the company.

The Bard will be powered by The MDA (Linguistic model for dialogue applications), a Google chatbot that made headlines last year when a the company engineer stated that the system had developed awarenesswhich was refuted by both the company and specialists.

In addition to Bard, Google will include LaMDA technology in its search engine: in recent months, the company’s most traditional product has been threatened not only by ChatGPT, but also by Tick ​​tock.

Source: Terra

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