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WD talks about new steps in his career and the Brazilian pop scene: “I decided to create my own identity”

In an interview with Rolling Stone Brasil, WD comments on the creative process of the last EP ‘Periferia’ (2022) and reflected its space in the current pop scene in Brazil

Washington Duarte became known to the public after participating in the The Voice Brazil 2021 enchanting all the judges of the competition with his authorial song “Eu Sou.” Five years later, the song of WD has more than three million plays on the Spotify

In a cry of resistance about race, prejudice and struggle, while recovering some childhood memories, the singer and songwriter that integrates the project Rolling Stone New Voicesspoke exclusively about the new steps in his career and even analyzed the Brazilian pop scene, reflecting on his space in the genre.

I wanted to be a pop artist. Maybe if I were an artist from another segment… a guitar, I would feel more comfortable putting the camera in front of me [para gravar] and make it happen. But pop is exactly what you’re seeing: a braid, a nice outfit, a necklace, a mouth, it’s a very big set.

WD also opened up about the creative process for his latest release, the EP Periphery (2022) and talked about the social project “Strengthening the Periphery”which appeared shortly after his departure from the The Voice – already signed with one of the biggest recording companies in Brazil.

Check out the full interview by WD The Rolling Stone Brazil below:

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