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Rita Lee: The Hard Living With Cancer Book There Will Be No Self-Help Nor Will There Be Crying

The autobiography that the rocker will publish in May, with self-irony and loose language, is proof of coherence with herself during some of the most difficult days of her life

Just like the The Autobiography of Rita Lee, launched in 2016, he has come to give his version of the facts of his life that have been told in various ways for years, and which remain freely on the air to be told over and over again, the book that the rocker wrote during the days of living together with cancer was the way she found to give her insight even on, one can imagine, some of the hardest days of those 75 years since she emerged from the womb of Dona Romilda Padula Jones on New Year’s Eve nailed between 1947 and 1948.

Hard to imagine that in its pages there is no pain and drama, as well as the inevitable dismay of those who discover that Rita Lee he is also flesh and blood. Yes, the hard part is there, but so is Rita’s latest transgression, according to those who have accessed the book’s unfinished content: making fun of what she was supposed to persecute and someone’s self-debauchery. What will be? – should cry.

There was a lot of agility in Editora Globo so much so that Rita’s text, started in 2021, after the news that the lung discomfort she felt in those angry times of Covid 19 had to do with the existence of lung cancer, it has become a book. As for the Stadium at the advanced time, Rita began to take notes already planning to use them for a publication.

Life, then, began to define its script. A year after the first emotional cataclysm, with the identification of the tumor leading her to undergo 30 sessions of radiotherapy and more sessions of chemotherapy, the family experienced an island of relief. Tests ordered by the Albert Einstein Hospital team showed that the tumors had disappeared from the lung. A complete remission. Fans cheered, the family sighed, and Beto Lee, one of the couple’s children, celebrated on Instagram: “My mom’s recovery moved me right up until her death… Best news ever.”

But Rita, her family and doctors followed, and continue, under surveillance, and some signs that the disease may have migrated into her body led her to be admitted to Einstein for checkups and further tests on February 25, 2023. what the tests have shown is something that only concerns family, doctors and Rita Lee. Perhaps Rita herself talks about it, in her own way, in the pages of the book. Maybe not. But scientific results and divine judgments will no longer matter so much. Rita’s word in the text, as in her songs, superimposes an immortal force on her very existence that will make her present even when she is completely invisible.

After delivering the originals, Rita asked for the book to come out on May 22, the day of Santa Rita de Cássia. If the name of the first was A biographythis will be called Rita Lee: another biographyand is already in pre-order and in first place on the giant Amazon.

The singer’s only words so far on the release were written in a post published on the day of the official announcement of the book: “When I decided to write Rita Lee: a biography, in 2016, the book marked, in a certain sense, the farewell to the ritual person, the one on stage, since I had retired from concerts. I thought nothing else that noteworthy could happen in my stupid life. But it’s that old story: While we’re making plans and thinking we know something, God gives a sarcastic chuckle.”

The problem is that Rita responds to God with another. From what is known a little more about the new book, and it is good to align expectations, there is nothing about didactics, self-help, resilience, empathy pacts, exoteric conversions, spiritual promises, vegan primers or pre-confessions -plane crash. Rita doesn’t abandon herself even in extreme situations, those that put a strain on the coherence of the life we ​​lead.

In addition to the book, Rita had the great pleasure of composing and recording with her husband, guitarist and pianist, a song for a collective album that will honor Elza Soares. The creation took place shortly before Elza’s death in January 2022, when the rocker was still living under the first diagnosis. The song is called Queen Africana, and it’s not rock and roll.

Furthermore, he is silent and says no to requests for interviews, as everything he has to say has already been said, not in one, but in – and it is the only case in the world of an artist having – two autobiographies. L

Source: Terra

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