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Influencer Thiago Rocha fulfills his childhood dream: ‘Satisfaction’

the influencer Thiago Rocha, who has a successful career in the digital market, is adventurous and loves to explore different countries around the world. There were 25 of them in total, but in one of them the businessman fulfilled one of his biggest childhood dreams.

In Roatan, Honduras, Thiago showed pictures on social media alongside animals he never imagined getting close to. With a sloth around his neck, macaws and monkeys, he wrote a caption that speaks of emotion.

“Experiences. Today I stamp the 20th country that I have the satisfaction of visiting. I declare that I have lived the three best experiences of my life”, he begins

Thiago still continues to report on the moment next to the animals. “I did a whirlwind ‘first time’ in just one day!” he says.

He still goes on about what it was like to have a sloth around your neck. “I have the satisfaction of touching a sloth, a monkey and having a scarlet macaw tousle my hair. It’s a dream come true,” she reveals.

Look at this photo on Instagram

A post shared by Thiago Rocha (@thiagorochadiamond)

Source: Terra

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