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Claudia Leitte stops following the pastor after speaking out against the LGBTQIA+ community

Singer Claudia Leitte stopped following the pastor Andre Valadao on social networks, after starting to claim a position from some stars on the community LGBTQIA+.

Valadao flaunted controversial jokes during an Instagram video, criticizing the said community, saying: “God hates pride! I believe this is the month God hates most in humanity. The figure of pride is Lucifer. The figure of the word pride is the fallen angel, the one who, under his attributes, gives and chance, he wanted to become equal with God… The wicked… Homosexuals shall not inherit the kingdom of heaven”fired the pastor.

fans of Claudia Leitte instructed the artist to unfollow Andre Valadao. And they were taken care of.

Source: Terra

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