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Olivia Rodrigo’s ex doesn’t think “Vampire” is about him

Zack Bia reflects on his relationship with the singer and comments on the rumors about the single “Vampire”

After the fans of Olivia Rodrigo I specify that the single “Vampire” it would be about Zack BiaThe 20-year-old singer’s ex-boyfriend, the DJ reflected on his previous relationship with the star in an interview with GQ [via People] and denied the rumors, stating that there was “never any drama” in their relationship.

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“I don’t think it’s really about me” said Bia, 27. “I think the Internet just spread it.”

It is said that the song from the new album “INTESTINES” would speak of him based on the verses: “Shoulda Known It Was Weird / You Only Come Out At Night”“Shoulda Known It Was Weird / You Only Come Out At Night” (in free translation). Internet users deduced that it was Zack’s night out with Olivia.

“Look, I’m in the industry, so I know what a song is made of,” Zack said, before explaining why their romance ended.

We went out together, [mas] We are both busy and end up not moving forward with our relationship. There was never any drama, you know?”

Despite the rumors, the DJ told GQ he’s a big fan “Vampire”. “The music is so great and amazing,” He said. “Look, a song about heartbreak for the summer, it’s an undefeated formula.”

In the passage in question Olivia mentions a “leech” person who took advantage of her. In an interview with The Guardian earlier this month, the singer said she will never reveal what her songs are about. “I’ve never done this before in my career and I probably won’t,” – stated Rodrigo.

Another reason that led fans to join “Vampire” for the DJ it was Zack’s relationship with Madison Beer. They dated for about a year between 2018 and 2019, and Beer wrote a similar snippet to Olivia’s single in “Selfish”song also considered indirect for Bia.

“I Bet You Thought You Gave Me True Love / But We Spent It All In Nightclubs” “I bet you thought you gave me true love / But we spent it all on clubs”in free translation.

However, Bia told GQ that there remains “a lot of love” between him and Beer. “She is a fundamental person in my life and I still treat her like family”He explained. “Like, she and my mom still talk.”

Returning to talk about Olivia, with whom he had a relationship for a few months in 2022, Zack said that he considers her “a generational singer-songwriter” and “a generational talent”, underlining that “he is always proud of her continued successes”.




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