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Ozzy Osbourne wants to record ‘one more album’ and tour in 2024

With health problems and surgeries, Ozzy Osbourne was unable to perform in 2023

Amid health problems and surgeries that forced Ozzy Osbourne canceling shows in different places around the world, the legendary singer revealed how he has big plans for 2024, with the recording of “another album” in the studio and on tour.

During an interview with Metal Hammer after performing the last surgery, which could be the last of all, Ozzy revealed plans for the next steps in his career. “I’ve recorded two albums recently, but I want to make one more album and then get back on the road,” she said.

I’m just starting to work on it now and we’ll be recording early next year. I want to enjoy my time with this one!

When Ozzy Osbourne wanted to join Slipknot, according to Corey Taylor

Legendary member of black Sabbathit is very difficult to imagine Ozzy Osbourne as part of another rock band. However, the singer has already spoken to Corey Taylor who would love to be part of Slipknoticonic metal group created in 1995.

It is worth remembering how, for much of the time, Slipknot It was a band with nine members. During an interview with the magazine Classic Rock, Taylor recalled a meeting with Osbourne during Ozzfest ’99 – and it was quite important.

“The reason why the Slipknot entered the Ozzfest [de 1999] It’s because we were his favorite band Jack [filho de Ozzy],” he stated. “Sharon It gave us a little more freedom because of that. We did some crazy stuff, but she was like, ‘It’s okay, it’s Slipknot.'”

“I was sitting at a table with Jack, Kelly It is Sharon,” continued the singer. “Suddenly, Ozzy pops up: ‘Sharon, can you help me with my earrings?’ AND Sharon it says: ‘Ozzythis is one of the members of SlipknotIt is Coreyhe’s the singer.'”

He looks at me and says, ‘Are you the guys with nine limbs? I want to be number ten!’ I was like, ‘Man, you’re the Ozzy, whatever you want!’ It was like meeting the Super man.

Source: Rollingstone

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