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Why did Ozzy Osbourne get wet on purpose at concerts?

Ozzy Osbourne also took the opportunity to wet fans at shows with water guns and buckets

One of the greatest icons in the history of rock, Ozzy Osbourne revealed how he had a very unusual custom at shows: Prince of Darkness got wet on purpose, because he was “wet anyway.”

This story appeared during an episode of Osbournes Podcast, made by members of the singer’s family, who talk about various topics, from life in music to personal life and health problems. In a recent chapter (via NME), the rock star recalled the unusual tactic.

At a certain point in the podcast, the wife of Ozzy, Sharon Osbourneand the children Jack It is Kelly they talked about very expensive sales made at auctions, like a pair of underwear from Queen Victoria. Sharon commented how he had shoes that belonged to Marilyn Monroethen Jack asked, “Wait a second, so is it weird to have your girl’s underwear Queenbut you can keep the shoes Marilyn Monroe?”

“Shoes, a bag, a dress are different from someone’s bloody panties they farted and shit in,” he replied. Sharon. Right away, Ozzy Osbourne he added: “[A Rainha Vitória] She was an elderly girl, probably incontinent. She possessed continents, but she was incontinent.”

“When I was on stage, I used to say, ‘Oh, f*** it,’ and just piss, because I was wet from splashing water anyway,” the singer commented on the time he sprayed the audience at shows with high-powered weapons or buckets of water on stage. With this story, Sharon took the opportunity to joke: “Thank you for sharing!”

Source: Rollingstone

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