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Beyond BTS: 5 Group Breakups That Broke Fans’ Hearts

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In a virtual dinner, BTS announced the group’s hiatus; remember other bands that also announced the separation

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This Tuesday, the 16th, the K-pop group, BTS announced a break after nine years to start their solo careers.

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On a dinner broadcast BTS’ Party, an event commemorating the group’s anniversary, the members recalled the best moments of their career and explained the reason for the decision. According to them, they still need to develop as individual artists.

See, below, five other group breakups that broke the hearts of fans:

One Direction (2016)

One Direction
One Direction (Photo: Kevin Winter)

It’s not the first time that a group has broken the public’s heart with the announcement of a separation, fans of One Direction experienced the same drama in 2015, when Zayn Malik announced his departure.

THE boy band was reduced to four members, Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan. In 2016, the group broke up for good with the aim of each focusing on their own career, leaving fans with a lot of nostalgia and hope for a comeback.

Oasis (2009)

Oasis (Photo: John Gichigi)

Another band that was missed and had a not-so-peaceful separation was the brothers Gallagher of Oasis. The band that marked a generation and became one of the main names in British music came to an end after 15 years of career.

Santa and Liam Gallagher They often had a falling out, and in 2009, while preparing for a performance in Paris, an argument broke out between the two and Liam left the dressing room threatening his brother physically. Santa left the venue and the show was cancelled.

The same night, the composer published an announcement on the band’s official website confirming his definitive departure.

Spice Girls (2000)

Spice Girls
Spice Girls (Photo: Stuart C. Wilson)

Already the Spice Girls dominated the world in the 90s and at the height of success in 1998, Geri Halliwellthe group’s lead singer, left the band due to eating disorders.

The four remaining members tried to carry on, but the group was never the same. In 2000, they announced their indefinite hiatus to focus on their individual careers.

Sandy and Junior (2007)

Sandy and Junior
Sandy and Junior in São Paulo (Credit: Staff Images / Allianz Parque)

Another separation was that of the duo Sandy and Junior. The brothers were very successful in the 2000s with the right to a TV series. They started singing as children in 1989 and recorded 18 albums.

In 2007 the duo announced a break and toured the MTV acoustic as farewell. at the time it was Junior who informed the parents about the desire to end the duo so that each could pursue a solo career.

Beatles (1970)

The Beatles (Photo: Getty Images)

A traumatic breakup not only for fans but all of pop culture, was the end of Beatles. The band’s hiatus was marked by a cumulative process of rumors from the members themselves regarding their own career.

In September 1969, Lennon privately informed his bandmates that he was leaving the group. However, there was no public knowledge until April 10, 1970, when McCartney announced that he was also leaving the band.

There were numerous causes for the band’s breakup, such as conflicts over differences in the band’s artistic vision.

Source: Rollingstone

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