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The Umbrella Academy Showrunner on Season 3’s Stephen King Easter Egg, in collaboration with comic creators Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá

Sweet spoilers in sight the Umbrella Academy Season 3, so be careful if you haven’t seen it yet!

The fans knew how to get in the Umbrella AcademyThe third installment of Netflix that the Netflix drama would indirectly address the arc of the comic series “Hotel Oblivion”, while also introducing the upcoming fourth Sparrow Academy story arc . But as in the previous two seasons, the fans Furthermore knew that showrunner Steve Blackman would totally change the story in ways unknown, which led to the OG Hargreeves brothers living inside the alternate-named Obsidian Hotel for most of Season 3. It is basically a pop culture rule at this point that when a TV show or movie features a hotel that breaks reality as a setting, it is imperative. use at least one reference to Stephen King probably related to Stanley Kubrick’s masterful adaptation of the splendor . (Although each 1408 Easter eggs are also welcome).

In fact, while the Umbrella Academy featured no old lady with nightmare wrinkles coming out of the shower in season three, the Netflix series incorporated the classic iconography of Jack Nicholson’s adaptation. Notably, the wallpaper inside Lester Pocket’s bedroom (which isn’t his true identity) features the same pattern as the instantly recognizable hallway rug as the splendorOverlooking the hotel.

Steve Blackman has already spoken with Gossipify and other media Critically Approved Version of Season 3 and as a big fan of Stephen King for most of my life, I had to ask about the background. Here’s how he replied:

Well, I’m glad you got it. Yes, this year we have had some influences for our hotel. Of course, there was a little Wes Anderson. But you couldn’t make such a hotel without paying a little homage to Kubrick and The Shining. So we really wanted to find things to hide in the hotel and see if people understood. But yeah, we definitely did a little bit of The Shining Hotel.

The Wes Anderson movie that Steve Blackman was referring to was, of course, The Grand Hotel Budapest, which certainly did not feature murderous writers wielding axes or alternate dimensions guarded by mortal guardians. I believe umbrella academyThe Guardians were axes and assassins, but I doubt they were professional writers. Amateur bloggers, perhaps.

Viktor against the hotel wall in The Umbrella Academy

Anyway, even though Steve Blackman didn’t talk about what the symbolism might mean in the context of the third season story, I think there is still something to analyze. If the motif appeared on everyone’s bedroom wallpaper, or in all public areas of the Obsidian Hotel, it would have been one thing. However, as its use was more limited, I think it could easily represent the basic idea of ​​dual identity. Along the lines of both the old Lester Pockets and Jack Torrence. But then maybe it sounded good at the time for the set decorator, and there’s no hidden meaning.

And although it probably isn’t necessarily a Sparkling He nods, Klaus pushes a cheery Stan through the halls in a cleaning cart that vaguely resembles Danny Torrence on his trike, even without the Steadicam involved.

Steve Blackman on comic ties and relationships with creators

Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá go wild for the first time the Umbrella Academy around the world in 2007, and for many years it looked like the Hargreeves team would only be around for a 12-issue existence. But then the TV show came and it almost coincided with the forgotten hotel arc, with confirmed plans to deliver the next batch of issues in the not too distant future. So, technically, this was the first time Steve Blackman & Co. developed a television story around elements that weren’t fully introduced into the source material yet.

When I asked the showrunner how it worked and what access he had to the material to plan and create (as well as avoid duplicates), he explained how his growing friendships with comic creators helped him in the process. .

Gérard and I are – and Gabriel Bá too, of course – we have become very close over the years. They are so generous to me with their storytelling. Not only do they allow it, but we’ve all come to the conclusion that the graphic novel and the TV show don’t have to be exact replicas of each other. Obviously I am inspired, and all is, by graphic novels as a springboard. But sometimes, you know, we have two different mediums that are actually inspired in a different way. So some things we inspire where they go. But Gérard has ten volumes in his head, right? So I spent a lot of time talking to him about where he’s headed with the graphic novel. And you know, we are always in contact with each other, we talk about different aspects. So I’m very lucky to have this relationship with him as a creator, as well as with Gabriel.

So now you know what it means: umbrella academy fans will be checking the next issues of Sparrow to try and figure out which elements of the comic arc were directly influenced by how the Netflix series handled things. Will things be the same for Luther and Sloane? Will some of the deaths unfold the same way? Will Pogo be equally good at comic book tattoo art? THESE ARE IMPORTANT QUESTIONS, PEOPLE! And others who will have to wait for an answer.

the Umbrella Academy Season 3 (opens in a new tab) is available to stream in its entirety with a netflix subscription so be sure to check it out and log into ours Program of the first TV 2022 to see what else will come to the streaming service and beyond in the near future.

Source: Cinemablend

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