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The 10 best Chico Buarque songs to play

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Everyone who loves Brazilian music wanted, at some point, to play a song by this artist. That’s why we have prepared this list of the 10 most famous Chico Buarque songs so you can play the guitar! Among the sounds that we separate here are songs from all stages of the artist. So get ready […] The post The 10 best Chico Buarque songs to play first appeared on Cifra Club.

Everyone who loves Brazilian music wanted, at some point, to play a song by this artist. That’s why we have prepared this list of the 10 most famous Chico Buarque songs so that you can play the guitar!

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Among the sounds we have separated here are the songs of all phases of the artist. So get ready to play various styles of MPB. Remembering that we will bring tips that, in fact, will help you to perform everything perfectly.

The most famous songs of Chico Buarque

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Owner of a vast repertoire, with international tours and numerous collaborations, Chico Buarque varies, in addition to the sound, the themes of his songs. So here’s Chico:

  • chronicler: in these songs he will talk about daily life, emphasizing daily events;
  • politic: these songs were made, mainly, during the period of the dictatorship, and it will sting the holders of power in a masterly way;
  • samba dancer: as a good carioca, this theme could not be missing. In these songs, he takes up much of the life of the Carioca, bohemian and soccer rogue;
  • romantic: This is the part of the job that people usually know the most. She talks about love like no other, even when she writes adopting a lyrical feminine self.

To discover all these facets of one of the most famous and renowned Brazilian musicians, let’s go to the list:

The band

The composer’s first success, The band it’s a relatively simple song as far as the chords are concerned. The big challenge here is being able to play the right rhythm. For much of the song, the chords should be played first as a block and then just the chord body.

This means that the first time you play the chord, all strings pressed must sound. Then you will stop playing the lowest note. Don’t forget to play the bass.

To do this, you must press the string on the fret immediately above the lowest note of the chord, repeating the same procedure to play it first as a block and then only as a body.

It may take some time before you can get carried away. But once you get it, it will be like the original version! If it’s hard for you, check out our simplified video lesson of the song:

Giovanni and Maria

Chico Buarque was the one who wrote the lyrics for Giovanni and Maria, music created by Sivuca. In the original recording, the female voice you hear singing with the carioca is by Nara Leão. To play it, our main advice is rhythm.

Note that the song is a waltz. to do the Rhythm 3 × 4, Chico plays the bass chord first and then the body twice. In this way he manages to recreate that 50s dance atmosphere required by music.

To simplify, store the chords in three distinct blocks, according to repetition. This way, it will be easier to play this classic! Again, you can check out how to play the simplified version if you feel it is too tense:


One of most famous samba by Chico Buarque, Rita tells the story of a man who was abandoned by his wife, who took everything, even his smile. Despite the theme, the music is very upbeat and, when played, is a guarantee of excitement.

Although the song has a lot of chords, most of them are relatively simple. So, again, the highlight is the rhythm of the guitar. To do a samba like Chico’s, you first have to play the body of the chord, then just the bass (lower string) and the body again.

Repeat this twice for each chord and you can go around humming the song with your friends.

despite you

Considered a true anthem against the dictatorship, despite you is another very successful samba from Chico Buarque. Made to be sung in a choir, this is a great song for gathering a crowd and singing along.

Although it has many chords, most of them are made in the first three frets of the guitar. Therefore, the greatest effort is to be able to memorize their sequence. It is also necessary to pay attention to the breaks and transitions in the music, which always occur at the end of the rooms.

Geni and the Zeppelin

Composed to be part of the musical The work of the cheaterthe song Geni and the Zeppelin It took on a life of its own years later. The song is large, but it only has two parts and the chorus, which makes life easier for those who intend to play it.

Our advice goes to fingering, which runs through almost the entire song. While it sounds complicated, it is relatively simple. Use your thumb, index finger, middle finger and ring finger to play the strings pressed by the other hand and repeat the fingering on the thumb and middle notes.

Do it once per agreement. Ready! The first part of the song is now ready to play.


the legendary album Construction (1971) was a milestone in Chico Buarque’s career. In one part of the record, he begins to be bolder in composing than him. Proof of this is the song that gives the album its name: Construction.

When you play it, pay attention to the repetition of the chords, especially the sequence in 6 And Em6 / B. He will be very present throughout the song. Therefore, if you learn to play them correctly, you will have few parts of the composition to play.

Who has seen you, who sees you

Another Chico Buarque song about the discouragement of love. Who has seen you, who sees you it is a somewhat melancholy samba, but which, thanks to its success, is a guarantee of excitement when played.

Since the song only consists of two parts, it is easy to decorate and play behind the wheel with friends. Our main advice is to pay attention to the chorus. This is where the chord sequence changes. Then, decorate the parts separately and, little by little, join them together.

my boyfriend

Another very successful samba is my boyfriend. Re-recorded by Brazilian icons, such as Maria Bethânia and Beth Carvalho, it is a song with a lilting rhythm and great humor in the lyrics.

To make it even more complete, our advice is about introducing the song. Although the sound produced is quite complex, playing this part is less difficult than it sounds. In each chord you will make a fingering in the sequence thumb, index, center and ring, twice. So, your execution will be complete!

The windows

at the rate of bossanova, The windows brings all the composer’s lyricism, which transforms a walk down the street into a real parade on the catwalk. The song features many chords, which are almost never repeated. So, to play it, he divides the song into parts and decorates each of them.

To emulate the sound of Chico Buarque, the chords of the first part of the song must be played as follows: first, the block; then body, bass and body. With this sequence, you will be able to play most of the song.

Jorge Maravilha

To conclude our list of Chico Buarque’s most famous songs, we brought a rock iê-iê-iê by Chico Buarque. At first, Jorge Maravilha was credited to Julinho from Adelaide. Years later it was discovered that it was a pseudonym created by Chico to circumvent censorship.

The song is divided into two parts. In the first, choose each chord from top to bottom and let it play. Thus, it will create the same effect as the original recording and give all the necessary charm to the composition. This song is super simple, even for guitar beginners.

In this list, you can take a look at the 10 most popular Chico Buarque songs and also get several tips on how to play them. Also, we put a lot of information about the composer and his songs. Now practice and play!

Finally, share this article with your friends who like the author. Also because everyone who plays the guitar must know at least one song by this maestro, do you agree?

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