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BTS fans criticize Netflix for comparing the group’s hiatus to One Direction’s: ‘Canceling my subscription’

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Netflix made a publication joking about the hiatus of One Direction and BTS, but the situation was not well received by the fans of the group

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hiatus of BTS is far from being the same as One Direction and ARMYs – as the fans of the k-pop group are called – want to make this very clear to everyone, including for Netflix. The streaming service made a publication comparing the situations and was criticized by the fandom.

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In June, the group announced that they will focus on solo projects in the coming months. Although this is similar to what ended up happening with the One DirectionHybe, the label for k-pop artists, however, denied that the decision represents a hiatus.

“The group will remain active as a team as it makes an individual journey to achieve further personal growth,” he said in a statement sent to the newspaper. The globe (via Yahoo). “BTS is not on hiatus, but will have time to explore some solo projects at this time and will remain active in a number of different formats.”

However, the official account of Netflix American took the opportunity to play a game with the idea of ​​the hiatus of Destiny’s Child, One Direction and BTSparalleling a scene from The Umbrella Academyin which one of the characters says, “The only thing we have in common is childhood trauma.”

Millennials have gone through the ‘hiatus’ of Destiny’s Child. Generation Z went through the ‘hiatus’ of One Direction. Generation Alpha has gone through the ‘hiatus’ of BTS,” read the tweet.

The joke, on the other hand, was not approved by the group’s fans, who criticized the streaming speech. “The entire fandom is made by 12 year olds?,” wrote one fan. “Once they turn 13 they drop the BTS and new 12 year old fans join the fandom??? Younger ARMies are always welcome, but who do you really think is buying their albums?”

“I’m canceling my subscription,” a fan said after posting a screenshot showing that he was actually canceling his Netflix subscription. “BTS not on hiatus, don’t put them in the same category as other groups,” wrote another.

For now, the Netflix did not comment on the situation.

Source: Rollingstone

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