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Marcel The Shell director tells how 60 Minutes’ Isabella Rossellini and Lesley Stahl were involved in the project

A dice The latest films A24 this is Marcel the shod shell, a coming-of-age fictional comedy centered around Marcel, a one-inch talking clam wearing shoes who finds hope in an online community dedicated to his journey to reunite with his long-lost family. The film is based on a 2010 short film by Dean Fleischer Camp and Jenny Slate, and somehow this feature involves Italian actress Isabella Rossellini and 60 minutes interviewer Lesley Stahl. How the hell did this unique combination come about?

When Gossipify spoke with Marcel the shell Writer / director Dean Fleischer-Camp explained how these two main, but very casual people, made their way into the sweet film. Starting with Isabella Rossellini, the director said:

Well, we have some really wonderful producers who probably convinced a lot. Isabella, she was perfect for the role of her, but I didn’t even know how perfect she was until we started working with her. She really lives on a farm. You have a master’s degree in animal behavior. She’s a grandmother, all those things that were already part of Nanna Connie’s character when we developed her, but they became a lot more real and specific once Isabella came along and once we were able to write the character around. her and once we started owning her and improvising in certain ways that I think really makes the character really, really deep and really wonderful. And I think we’re lucky that Isabella is a true artist and that she just wants to work in a way that she has never done before, that she has continually offered things that she refuses, because they are a little more traditional, but which, I think that she. She saw, you know, whatever our little mixed project was at the time and she said, ‘I’ll find out what these kinky guys are doing.’

Isabelle Rossellini is the daughter of White House actress Ingrid Bergman, and was notably a model for Lancôme, as well as in many films such as blue velvet. The actress is picky about the roles she signs and has only played in a handful of projects in recent years. But Marcel the shell not only did he sell her, but the character was “perfect” for many other personal reasons in his own life. In the film, Rossellini plays Nanna Connie, Marcel’s grandmother. Dean Fleischer-Camp also talked about Lesley Stahl’s involvement and said this:

Lesley Stahl was another story. We had this idea of ​​having Lesley Stahl. We never thought of anyone else. I also have my old storyboards of me drawing Lesley Stahl for a long time when it seemed like the faintest chance she would say yes. And luckily our producer, Liz Holm, was in 60 Minutes and was able to have an early version of the film in front of her. And she was overjoyed and totally threw herself into the game. [Laughs]

Of course, Lesley Stahl was a journalist / host 60 minutes since 1991, and has given a number of high-profile interviews in its day . The 80-year-old doesn’t usually appear in movies, but for Marcel the shellwas able to interview the same clam during the film.

sounds like maybe Marcel the shell it’s a difficult project to say no to. I mean, did you see the lovely face on that shell and how does it talk? Just break your heart and put it back together. The film received incredible rave reviews, including Gossipify’s Eric Eisenberg, who he gave Marcel the shod shell a perfect five out of five . He called the film “a moving and compelling cinematic work done with extraordinary craftsmanship”.

Jenny Slate, who voices Marcel in addition to co-writing the script, is ready for more shells with her shoes, recently saying “there’s a lot more to explore out there”. What happens there depends on whether we support the 2022 new version On cinemas. Marcel the shod shell It is currently running in limited theaters and will be released on July 15th.

Source: Cinemablend

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