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Come Rock in Rio 2024 intends to donate 1.5 million meals and help 250 families

The NGOs Gerando Falcões and Ação da Cidadania will benefit from the social actions organized by the festival

OR Rock in Rio announced, during an event this Monday 29th, two social actions: a project to help the favelas which will be developed by the NGO Gerando Falcões, with the support of Gerdau and the Volkswagen Group Foundation, and a project to fight hunger led by the Action of citizenship of NGOs.

The aid project for the favelas is the same as The Town, a festival organized in Sao Paulo by the same company that produces Rock in Rio, adopted in 2023, when it began to serve 290 families from the Haitian favela, in Sao Paulo, in Vila Prudente (area est of SP), through the Favela 3D (Digital, Dignified and Developed) project, created by Gerando Falcões.

In the Rio version of the project, 250 families (about 1,200 people) from Buraco and Sessenta, regions of the Morro da Providência favela, in the center of the capital Rio de Janeiro, will initially be served. The objective is to offer professional qualifications to 150 families and give dignity to another 125, employing 95% of the people served.

“In addition, we also want to train 20 young people and community leaders to continue the work, even after the project ends. We will also have a physical intervention, based on social urbanism, in a collective space,” he says Edu Lyrafounder and president of the NGO Gerando Falcões and creator of the Favela 3D project.

In Rio the project will last two years and will be carried out by the NGO Entre o Céu and in Favela, which is part of the Gerando Falcões network. Citizenship Action, a long-time partner of Rock in Rio, will work to fight hunger. According to the NGO, 64 million Brazilians suffer from some degree of food insecurity and, of these, 8.1 million actually have no food.

To start and stimulate the movement, Rock in Rio has committed to donating 1.5 million meals and the goal is to increase this figure through donations.

“Let the heart speak”

Rock in Rio has released a song to celebrate this year’s edition, when the 40th anniversary of the first festival will be celebrated. Let your heart speak was composed of Ze Ricardocurator of the festival, and more than 60 Brazilian artists gathered to record the song’s music video.

The rights of the participating artists will be assigned to the two NGO partners of the festival: Gerando Falcões and Ação da Cidadania. Rock in Rio will also create licensed products to which profits will be donated, as well as promote autographed musical instrument auctions. The public will be able to make donations through the official Rock in Rio website and when purchasing tickets.

“In these over 30 years of Citizenship Action, Roberto Medina (creator of Rock in Rio) and his family have always been great partners in the campaigns against hunger and social inequalities. Rock in Rio, once again, will mobilize the public and all civil society society to take Brazil off the hunger map and having so many incredible artists will make this movement even bigger”, he celebrated. Daniele SousaPresident of the Citizenship Action Council.

“The time has come to mobilize people again, as we did in 1985, after the dictatorship, and in 2001, when we paralyzed all radio and television stations for three minutes to provoke reflection on the role of each of us in building a better world.

Rock in Rio has always been disruptive in uniting the most diverse tribes of the City of Rock. For this edition, in which we celebrate our 40 years of history, this movement will be even bigger and more powerful. It’s not about music, but about people. Let’s embrace each other and sing, for unity, for peace, for the fight against hunger and poverty”, said Roberto Medina, president of Rock World, the company that created, organizes and produces Rock in Rio and The Town.

Source: Terra

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