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How a metal band used Taylor Swift’s name to pump music with guttural screams

The group Ogbert The Nerd registers domain on Bandcamp under the name Taylor Swift to promote new scream music

The metal band Ogbert the nerdoriginally from New Jersey, has adopted an unusual strategy to promote her new scream song: using the name Taylor Swift.

The group managed to register the domain taylorswift.bandcamp.com on Bandcamp, a music platform that allows artists to release their songs, get paid (whenever they want), and sell song files, physical records, among other possibilities.

It was there that the band released a 62-second track titled “Taylor Swift 1”.

This maneuver was announced by the band’s singer, Madison Jamesin a post on the social network

The idea, perhaps brilliant, perhaps imperfect, is to attract those looking for the name of the North American artist and surprise with a loud scream.

Second NME, it is not the first time that the group has used this strategy. James applied the same tactic with another Bandcamp page, this time under the band name My Chemical Romance, where he released a selection of songs, including a 2023 album called “www dot the quartz”, under the pseudonym Quartz Morrigan.

Source: Terra

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