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Anitta confirms participation in Madonna’s show: “Historical”

The Brazilian singer gave up attending the Met Gala dance to be at the Copacabana show

Anitta confirmed that she will participate in Madonna’s show. She said she won’t be attending this year’s Met Gala to attend Madonna’s show in Rio de Janeiro this Saturday (4/5).

In an interview with the international website Extra, Anitta expressed her decision to favor Madonna’s show, considering it a historic moment for the country. “I’ve been to the Met Gala three times, it was great, I want to go back next year. But this year Madonna will do a show in Brazil at the end of her tour [Celebration Tour]on Copacabana beach, for thousands of people,” Anitta said.

The 2024 edition of the Met Gala will take place on Monday (5/6), two days after Madonna’s show in Rio.

Musical collaboration

Anitta pointed out that the two recorded the funk song “Faz Gostoso” together in Portuguese. “We have a song together in Portuguese, a funk song, on your album [‘Madame X’]. And when I received the invitation I thought: ‘I absolutely have to go.’ This is truly historic for my country. It’s the only topic in Brazil. It’s very important to be there in that moment,” Anitta said.

It will be their first live performance together.

Madonna’s show will be the biggest of the tour and, therefore, it is expected that the setlist will be expanded. Madonna will be on stage for around two hours and organizers have already said the show should feature two or three more songs. The show is divided into seven acts, which serve to tell the various phases of the queen of pop. Confirmed hits like “Like a Virgin” and “Bitch, I’m Madonna”, but the artist will also bring songs that haven’t been heard for years, like “Nothing Really Matters”, “Erotica” and “Justify My Love”. “.

Source: Terra

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