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Anitta releases “Baile Funk Experience”, a clip that mixes five songs from the new album

The singer brings together “Sabana”, “Lose Ya Breath”, “Cria de Favela”, “Puta Cara” and “Savage Funk” in a video with rhythms, choreography and sensuality

Anitta released a new video this Thursday (2/5), combining several songs from her album “Funk Generation”. The collage was called “Baile Funk Experience” and features Anitta dancing to some of the album’s punchiest songs.

One detail that caught attention in the release of “Funk Generation” was the fact that the songs were very short, with an average duration of 2 minutes – there are songs with less than 2 minutes! – , in a break from the usual practice for dance hits. The singer took advantage of this feature to create a combo, mixing the songs in what seems like a medley from the album, but in reality it is practically entire songs played in sequence.

The singer selected 5 songs: “Sabana”, “Lose Ya Breath”, “Cria de Favela”, “Puta Cara” and “Savage Funk”. They are hard songs, with explicit lyrics and a violent rhythm, which make Brazilian funk interact with Miami Bass, reggaeton and even house music, paving the way for a wild musical mutation.

The video combines a lot of choreography, Lucille-style aggression (Negan’s customized baseball bat in “The Walking Dead”) and sensuality – and the set design indicates that it was filmed in the same session as the “Grip” video.

Source: Terra

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