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After all, why does Cher only date younger men? The artist gives a very sincere answer

The singer also revealed why she rejected Elvis Presley

Cher, 77, revealed why she prefers relationships with younger men. In an interview on the program The Jennifer Hudson Showthe star confessed that younger men are the only ones who have the courage to approach her.

The singer is currently in a relationship with producer Alexander Edwards, 38.

“I’m a little shy around men. And the reason I date younger men is because the ones my age or older… well, they’re all dead now, but before… they were always afraid to get close to me. me. The younger ones were the only ones doing it,” Cher said. “They are bold,” added the presenter. “Yes. Created by women like me,” the singer emphasized.

The topic came up when the host asked Cher about her refusal Elvis Presley. “I was nervous, I knew the people around him. Not that they were bad people, it’s just that I was a little nervous about his reputation. I’m quite shy when I’m not working,” the singer explained. Watch the video of the interview:

Cher with her boyfriend, producer Alexander Edwards.

Source: Terra

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