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A Madonna fan takes inspiration from the Queen of Pop to create paintings: ‘She opened the door’

Eduardo David Melo is one of the many admirers of the singer who awaits the show next Saturday, the 4th

OR historical spectacle of the Madonna in Rio de Janeiro attracted fans from all over Brazil. Eduardo David Melo, from Santa Catarina, is one of those who showed up at the door of the Copacabana Palace, where she is staying, this Thursday the 2nd, hoping to see her in one of the windows.

According to him, his love and admiration for Madonna helped him discover himself as homosexual when he was still a child. “I’ve been a Madonna fan since the ’90s. I was a kid, a teenager, I discovered I was gay around that time, and she was a great friend who taught me a lot about it. Because she opened the door for me, right? Up different issues and that taught me a lot,” he says in an interview with Earth.

“At a time when I thought the world was very against what I felt, Madonna was an inspiration,” says Eduardo.

According to him, the singer inspired him to draw as a way to express himself. She even brought one of his paintings honoring him to the hotel door.

“I already wanted this so bad, so I started wanting this as a way to express this love for myself. This one is about a year old. It’s acrylic on canvas and I do all the drawing. […] I was inspired by this photo of her in the magazine with the famous Like A Virgin outfit and this LGBTQIA+ flag,” said Eduardo, showing the drawing.

The performance marks the last show of the tour The celebration tour, which celebrates the singer’s 40th anniversary and will take place next Saturday, the 4th, in Rio de Janeiro. Around 1.5 million people are expected to take part in the attraction, which will be free.

Source: Terra

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