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‘What a woman, what if I take you’: Pastor Lucinho, from Lagoinha, reveals a kiss, a controversial stance with his daughter and becomes the target of controversy on the web

A video of Pastor Lucinho talking about his daughter in a news story has gone viral and sparked outrage among Internet users. The religious leader of Lagoinha revealed that he kissed a relative of his on the mouth!

The pastor Lucino Barretomember of Lagoinha Baptist Church, recently claimed that he kissed his daughter on the lips while she was “distracted.” Him again he called her “woman” and used the music of Michel Telo to make a very bad joke: “Oh, if I get you.” Register with the speech of the religious leader went viral this Thursday (2), causing outrage among Internet users to those who perceived the incitement sexual violence in your own words.

The pastor calls his daughter a “great woman” and says he kissed her on the mouth

In the video Lucinho appears next to his son, Davide Barreto, preaching. At a certain point the pastor comments on the education of children, citing an extremely uncomfortable situation. “One day I went to get my daughter and told her I loved her. I said, ‘Wow, what a woman. Oh, if I take you’. She said, ‘I think, Daddy, you already belong to Mommy.’ Then I kissed her,” he began.

Then, the pastor reveals that he kissed his daughter on the lips, pointing out that the girl was scared! “She got distracted one day and I kissed her on the mouth. She said ‘What is it, Daddy?’ I said, ‘Because when I meet your boyfriend, I’ll say: You’re the second one I’ve kissed,'” he added, as the faithful laughed and applauded the man.

After releasing the controversial phrases, Lucinho Barreto tried to justify himself by saying that some people might interpret it in a ‘dirty’ way, but that it was about ‘purity’. “[Ela] Love me. Anyone who hears me say something like that thinks it’s nonsense…

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