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Kiosks on the Copacabana waterfront create “booths” and earn money from Madonna’s show

The spaces closest to the stage are already sold out; Queen of Pop will perform this Saturday, 4th, from 9.45pm

The closing of The celebration tour, a tour celebrating Madonna’s 40-year career, is moving along the coast of Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro. In addition to the fans already gathered in front of the hotel where the singer is staying, the kiosks are also preparing to welcome the public. Some establishments have created “booths” and charge up to more than R$1,000 for a privileged seat.

The show will take place this Saturday 4, starting at 9.45pm, on a stage set up on the sand of Copacabana. The stage area occupies 821 m², double that of the world tour, and the show is designed for an audience of 1 million people. A VIP area was set up next to the stage for those who received a free ticket, raffled off by Itaú, for the press and sponsors’ guests.

The rest of the audience will remain on the sand or at kiosks selling “boxes” so that fans can watch the show in greater comfort. The cost reaches R$ 1,500 and decreases depending on the distance from the stages. The two kiosks attached to the event facility, Palace and Cabanna, are already sold out on reserve. The values ​​of the two were R$1,500 and R$1,300 respectively.

Madonna: the show with impressive numbers will be historic:

    Madonna: the show with impressive numbers will be historic

    Madonna: the show with impressive numbers will be historic


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But there are still other options, like Morena, which asks for R$900 for booking, already in the third batch. The first was sold for R$600. “It is the same New Year’s banner and the same arrangement of tables and railings around the kiosk, to separate the space for paying guests,” explains the site manager, Icaro Fernandes.

Of the amount paid, R$200 will be used for consumption. He clarifies that the value of the menu has not changed, but that the menu has been reduced, with quick and practical foods to prepare and deliver immediately to customers, such as snacks and sandwiches. Even though there are a lot of people around the hotel, Fernandes says the movement at the kiosk is always the same.

“The average number of bookings so far is around 60 people. Only the demand for reserves is high. I think people are “saving” themselves for this show and not spending much at the beach. My expectation is that there will be a lot of movement at the fair and on Sunday the day after tomorrow,” she says.

Morena was very ready to welcome the public, with 10 new hires, in addition to the reduced menu. “Even so, people still show up here that day asking for a job, sending in their resumes. But we are already done,” she underlines.

Fan says he has already used his inheritance money to attend Madonna’s concert in London:

Among the kiosks interviewed by Terra, the cheapest is the Samba Social Club, which now, in the third batch, charges R$300 per person. The price is half of what was ordered on New Year’s Eve, since the place offers a buffet on New Year’s Eve.

“We still have vacancies. In addition to access to the kiosk and tables, the price entitles you to two caipirinhas, private bathroom and security. The tables are not marked, it is served on a first-come, first-served basis,” explains waiter Chayene Odilon.

Like Fernandes, she also says the movement is the same, despite there being more people on the shore. “I think the kiosk that should make you money is the one in front of the Copacabana Palace! Most of the booking requests come from the internet, through the kiosks’ social networks. But even today, the day before yesterday, people come here to find out if it is still possible to book,” she concludes.

Source: Terra

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