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Miss Brazil, Natalya Anderle, missing after rain

Amidst the storms that ravaged the Rio Grande do Sul In recent days, concern has arisen over the whereabouts of Natalya AnderleMiss Brazil 2008. Seven months pregnant, the model has been missing for three days, since visiting her family in Roca Sales (RS), while her husband remains in the U.S.

The situation is worsened by reports that the family residence, located in the interior of Roca Sales, was affected by floods, with water reaching the first floor. Friends and family, in search of information, are constantly trying to contact us, without success so far.

The isolation of Anderle family This is evidenced by the difficulties faced in leaving the flooded city. Reports indicate that the access bridge was closed, forcing them to return to the farm, where significant damage was already observed, including the death of animals.

Given the desolate scenario in the region, rescue efforts are proving complex, with reports of buried houses and collapses. Uncertainty over the well-being of Natalya and her family adds to the list of missing people that worries local authorities, amid what is described as the worst disaster recorded in state history.

Source: Atrevida

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