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BTS’ RM Releases Music Video Featuring Korean Stars Directed by ‘Treta’ Creator

The bossa nova-inspired song gets a video featuring the actors from “Pachinko”, “Treta”, “A Lição”, “Sweet Home” and “All of Us Are Dead”

BTS singer RM released the beautiful video for “Come Back to Me,” which features several South Korean actors and is directed by Lee Sung Jin, creator of the Netflix series “Treta.”

The song by RM (or Kim Nanjoom) combines bossa nova and R&B and is part of his upcoming solo album, titled “Right Place, Wrong Person”. The lyrics expressing reflections on life were composed by the singer of another K-Pop band, Oh Hyuk, of HYUKOH.

The video shows RM with a sad expression, as he relives alleged situations from his life, with his wife and daughter, old girlfriends and even his parents, always in an atmosphere of discomfort and tension, which puts him in a state of fugue . Situations occur as he passes through an environment full of rooms, but they undergo a change when he finally finds himself, literally. From that moment on he relives the previous moments with a new tone, rediscovering his lost happiness. Finally, he holds the hand of a woman who guides him towards the exit, a door he has failed to open, as the camera zooms in and reveals an endless scene of connected rooms.

Among the many famous participants in the clip are Minha Kim (“Pachinko”), Joseph Lee (“Treta”), Lee Seok-hyeong (“Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha”), Choi Seung-yoon (“Riceboy Sleeps”) , Kang Gil-woo (“The Lesson”), Gi So-yoo (“Sweet Home”) and Lee Sang-hee (“All of Us Are Dead”).

Like other BTS members, RM is currently serving his mandatory military service in South Korea.

Source: Terra

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