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The new ASUS ROG Ally

The new ASUS ROG Ally

A ASUS confirmed that the new ROG Ally – or Extra – will solve the problem most of the problems with the original, but it is not a successor. The update brings the same Z1 Extreme chipbut 40% larger battery, M.2 2280 SSD compatibility up to 8TB, microSD card reader away from the heatsink, and Armory Crate SE upgrade for a more console, less PC experience.

Apparently, the company is investing to establish itself in the segment and has taken most of the issues into consideration feedback from users and specialized media. Although the most problematic point is the microSD reader that fries cardsthe company spokesperson said it was simply repositioned to better accommodate the components, suggesting the failures were not related to overheating issues.

“We think about the battery, the storage, the graphics and memory, the ports… Our goal is to house as many of these components as possible in a notebook like this,” says Gabriel Meng, Senior Product Manager at ASUS, in an interview with The Verge.

ROG Ally X Details

The official announcement of The ROG ally X is scheduled for June 2, when ASUS will reveal all the details. One point that has attracted attention, however, is the idea that the new model will also have more memory.


This is because, in terms of performance, the console is quite competent with its 16GB of memory RAM LPDDR5 and 6400 MT/s. It is not clear whether the approach will be to adopt faster memories, such as the 7500 MT/s of Legion Goor even bring larger modules.

So far what is known is that it is expected for the second half of 2024, and with many updates the new version will also have a price increase. Another detail revealed is that the manufacturer also improved the D-pads – which were actually quite uncomfortable – and updated the triggers and analog sticks.

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In addition to the larger battery, a very important point of the Ally X is that the M.2 slot is positioned horizontally. Following the length of the console, the connector allows for installation Standard 2280 SSD, with capacities up to 8TB and much cheaper and easier to find compared to 2230, 30 mm.

Great news for those who already have a ROG Ally is that, at least, the new, much superior, Armory Crate SE will arrive with a mid-year update for all users, reinforcing ASUS’ commitment to not killing the ROG Ally platform. 2023.

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